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Amazingly enough, I have found myself defending the current occupant of the White House.

The American people, with their usual short sightedness, have begun to ask why Obama hasn’t stopped the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The answer is simple. Obama is by training and experience a lawyer, a community organizer, a law school lecturer, and (very limited) a politician. None of these skills have given him the necessary knowledge or abilities to go 5,000 feet under the ocean and stop the flow of oil from a blown out well.

I have no doubt that those who have this expertise are working their little butts off trying to fix the porblem in the Gulf. The best thing we can do is to leave them alone and allow them to get on with busuness.

Whether it be by choice, or indecision, Obama has done just that. He has stayed out of the way, and should be commended for doing so.


There is nothing to say here, at least not that is appropriate. Read this, and remember that there is an election coming up.


His Nastiness will probably have more to say about this later, but after watching the current sorry excuse for a president spend about thirty minutes  lying to us, I am fighting the RCOB.

I am still waiting for the clowns in Washington to give me the constitutional basis for this monstrosity called “health care reform”. Then I want them to tell me where they are going to find the money topay for this unconstitutional infringement on my life.

I will not hold my breath on either count.


Folks, this may put me at odds with LSPK&T and the official position of this fine example of bloggery.

After seeing this article, I have just about decided that the smartest move for Israel would be for them to tell the US to take our money and insert it into that portion of the anatomy best loved by Barney Frank, that they will protect themselves, and determine their own future. Our ditzy politicians just can’t seem to figure out that for all their faults, Israel is not only our best friend in the Middle East, but they are also the only really free country in the area.


Is it me, or does this indicate that our political leadership believe themselves to be above the rest of us? Eight years ago, the media was moaning about all of George Bush’s “vacations”. Now we see that Obama has spent even more time on “vacation”, but instead of going home, he goes to high dollar resorts. On top of that, the young miss Pelosi has scammed herself some USAF transport for her vacation, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the taxpayers are paying her hotel bill.


This has the potential to be very interesting:

There seem to be two major aspects to this case, the first is that the Federal Government may not have had the authority to do what they did in the GM and Chrysler bailouts. The other is that since Obama’s father never became a US citizen, he does not meet the Constitutional definition of a natural born citizen, and is therefore not eligible to serve as President. If he is ineligible to be president, any legislation he signed is null and void.

Personally I believe the challenges to Obama’s constitutional qualifications to be without merit. The challenge to the bailouts, on the other hand, will have legs. While we won’t know how the courts will rule, and the final ruling is likely years away, I have always believed the bailouts of GM and Chrysler to be unconstitutional.


President Obama, after breaking the bank with his “stimulus” spending, now wants us to believe that he is going to limit the Federal budget. Check this out.

“President Barack Obama is expected to make post-recession spending restraint a key theme of his State of the Union address in January and an important element of the budget he submits to Congress a few weeks later. He is under increasing pressure, including from moderate and conservative members of his own party, to show he is serious about tackling a deficit that has become both an economic and political liability.”

All I can say is that anyone who actually believes this tripe should be declared legally incompetent.


While Venomous is celebrating his birthday, we have some news which shouldn’t surprise anyone, even though it is highly irritating.

It seems that our incompetent excuse for a chief executive has once again decided that the American President bows to foreign heads. Check here for details.

In my opinion, such activity qualifies as a high crime or a misdemeanor. Unfortunately, our sorry excuse for a congress will not even consider impeachment proceedings.


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