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Last Saturday afternoon, I had just come back from a three-hour float down the Comal River, having ingested a goodly (for me, anyway) quantity of adult beverage – one beer and a jello shot…

…Hey, I don’t drink that much anyway, plus I’m a diabetic.  Cut me some slack, mkay…?

…and was munching down on the best ribs I’ve ever had, and that includes Tony Roma’s.

This Saturday, I was in East Garland dealing with a flat tire in 100-degree heat and 79% humidity.

Where the Hell™ is that time machine when I need it…?!


Denizens, we have a slight problem on the Pegasus.

Seems the server is choking on new posts that exceed a certain length.  I get the dreaded HTTP 500 “Internal Server Error”, and very damned little else.

I have a trouble ticket in to Hosting Matters on the problem.  Who knows – maybe they’ll even get back to me on it at some point…

Stay tuned.


Denizens, this is a test.  Feel free to ignore.


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