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(NOTE:  Because of yesterday’s posting problems – which, by the way, still haven’t been corrected (thanks for nothing, Hosting Matters) – I’m putting this one back up top for your reading enjoyment.)

I remember precisely where I was on the day of the LA riots.

I was working for an alarm monitoring company, and I was watching our stores in South Central LA systematically being destroyed by a collection of losers, chickenshits and pussies who thought they were a bunck of Billy-Bob Bad-Asses taking up for one of their “homies”, Rodney “I Never Met A Female Cop I Didn’t Like To Shake My Naked Ass At” King.

Had it been my call to make, I’d’ve finished what they started, Napalmed™ the entire region – which, presumably, would have taken the chickenshits out, too – and started over.

Instead, this country was stupid enough to rebuild South Central, and even allow those bastards to send one of their own to represent them:  Maxi-pad “No Justice No Peace” Waters.  Ever since then, she’s been a boil on the ass of Capitol Hill, and she was in fine form the other day as she continued to show the country just what a crack-whore-bitch she really is.

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