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As most of you have probably guessed, I’m on board with the flag-burning amendment.

The way I see it, burning a flag is not speech – it’s action.  And while speech is protected by Article I of the Bill of Rights, actions are not.  Were the the case, I could come burn down your house and claim it was a protest – but you wouldn’t like that very much, now would you?

Nor does the “well, if it’s your  flag…” argument hold water with me.  I could burn down my house, for example, and still be charged with arson.  So, with me, the anti-amendment argument fails on both counts.

That said – I’d be perfectly happy if, instead of an amendment, a law were passed making it open season on those fucktards who actually did the burning.  Such as what happened to this bozo when he tried to be an smart-ass (hat tip:  Denizen David Hartung)…

An alleged attempt to stir up an anti-government protest by burning the U.S. flag during the city’s 14th Birthday Celebration led to the arrest of a Murrieta resident Saturday night, police officials said in a written release Sunday.

The suspect, identified as Lee Henry Vollick, 19, was charged with the misdemeanor counts of obstructing and resisting a police officer, disturbing a public assembly and attempting to incite a riot, and booked at Southwest County Detention Center in French Valley, according to jail records. He was released Sunday after apparently posting bond, which had been set at $2,500, records show.

From what I’m told, this assclown did more than attempt  to start a riot – he did  start one…at least, a mini-one.  And got his ass handed to him as a result.

Sgt. Sean Hadder said Vollick angered many attending the city’s celebration at California Oaks Sports Park earlier in the day when he had dragged a U.S. flag on the ground behind the scooter he was riding, proclaiming he was staging an anti-government protest.

Though Vollick reportedly left, he returned at about 7:55 p.m. during a musical performance and, amid the crowd, lit a flag with a cigarette lighter, incensing many spectators, Hadder said.

He said a Murrieta police officer contacted Vollick based on the danger his flag-burning posed to the audience, including children. When an officer attempted to escort Vollick out of the venue, the suspect refused and resisted an officer who attempted to grab him, the sergeant said. Several spectators along with two off-duty Murrieta police officers brought Vollick to the ground, enabling an on-duty officer to handcuff Vollick.

Note that part about “several spectators” helping to bring this pissweasel down.  From what I understand, the jerkface got his face partially rearranged during the fracas.

According to the police, the man told officers he was trying to disrupt the gathering and get others to join him as a protest against the government.

And got it shoved right back up his skanky ass as a result.

Heh.  I love this country…


It ain’t.  So bite me.


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