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Been in class all day, Denizens, so that’s why I haven’t had anything to say about the London explosions.

I’ll have something to say this evening.  Watch this space.

For now, read what the SpatulaGoddess had to say about it.

UPDATE:  I could not put it any better than Misha did when he said this:

May their death come soon, and may it be brutal, massive and without mercy, for those who show no mercy deserve none in return.

Nuke Mecca and let their heathen god sort them out.

I think that’s a good start.  I think you start with Mecca and  Medina, then get all the peace-loving Iraqis out of there and nuke that country.

Then Iran.  Payback’s a bitch, and ours has been 25 years in coming.  And then you overthrow the Saud government, because they’ve never been our friends, either.

In fact, every Arab country that doesn’t immediately bow their knee to us is a candidate.

I’m serious, Denizens.  This War on Terror has gone on long enough, and enough innocent citizens, both American & British, have paid a price they didn’t need to pay.

It.  Is.  Time.  To.  End.  It.  Every mosque, every Qu’ran, every burqa – nuke it all.  Get rid of these bastards now.

One of Misha’s commenters on the above thread, a guy named Ed from Ohio, put it better than anyone I know could:

hunt down the terrorists. slaughter them. burn their korans. humiliate them. beat their families. desecrate their graves.

no mercy.

Precisely.  No mercy.  They’re not worthy of it, and our supply has long since been exhausted.

End it, President Bush.  Now.


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