Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

Welcome again to the five or six readers of Straight Up With Sherri who have the balls to sign their names/handles to their posts…the dozens of cowardly fucks who hide behind their mommies’ skirts and post as “Anonymous”…

…and, hopefully, Sherri herself.

Some background:  As most of you should know by now, a couple of days ago I was running through one of Sherri’s comment threads (now since deleted…for shame, Sherri), and decided that I’d had enough of seeing her constantly attacked by cowards who didn’t even have the decency to sign their name, and decided to speak up about it.

I employed the standard CSITMF schtick I’ve been employing for the last two years in the Blogosphere, and before that on the old NewsMax forums.  (Any of you old Forumites who might be traipsing by – remember “sgc284″?  Guess who? (grin))

Anyway, it got the standard reaction from the first-timers (the ones who’d never seen it before) – less-than-righteous indignation, pooh-poohs and the obligatory “he posted ‘his’ address…” (read:  “oh, he’s lying; that’s not where he lives…”)

So I replied to that  and posted the link to Blogfest Saturday at my place.

Well, that  engendered a whole new round of indignation – “…they have guns there!!!!!  And they’re posing in front of an apartment complex!!!”

Almost what you’d expect from old crotchety grandmas at a quilting bee, y’know?

Amongst that  was yet another exchange I’ve already chronicled, both below and at Misha’s.  Suffice to say, it’s not good to be an anonymous asshat today. (chuckle)

Anyway, Sherri herself has finally weighed in, so to speak, on all the goings-on of the last couple of days.

(It’s kinda long, guys, so back out now if you get bored easily.)

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