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They say you know a man by the enemies he has.  Looks like I’m going great guns.

Now, I realize you liberal fucktards who are members of the “I Play With Inflatable Dolls Too, Rev. Myk!!!” club generally can’t ponder or pontificate in words of more than one syllable, but try to keep up anyway.  There are a couple of things that need to be explained to you.

I’ll try to type slowly so you can understand.

First off:  You people can bloviate all you want about the Revvvvvvvvv’r’nnnnnd Mykki pointing me to a satellite map all you want.  ‘Til you’re blue in the face would suit me just fine – you’re wasting our oxygen as it is.

The chickenshit Cortese has my address.  He knows where I am.  His best response is to…come halfway here to Tennessee?  He’ll go halfway (or so he says), but he won’t come all the way down here?  That’s  why the “meet him halfway” argument fails.  I didn’t post my address with the intention of catering to this punk’s every last whim.  I gave him the chance to come be a hero.  I gave him the opportunity to show the world what a bad-ass he really was.

Your boy was challenged to come down here, and he wimped out.  Period, end, stop.

(Side note to Mr. von Vockerman:  If you were, in fact, willing to pay my full way up there to Nashville (that’s not the impression I got from reading your comments, but still), could you not have taken that money and paid for Cortese’s full way down here?  Oh, and another side note:  It sounds like you were interested in making this a Marquis de Queensbury affair.  With all due respect, sir, this is “Come say it to my face”, not Golden Gloves.)

The other thing is this:  Yeah, this is a gated community.  So fuckin’ what?  That gate is broken at least a third of the time, and it’s not that hard to get past as it is.  Besides, we have some pissant vandals/robbers who aren’t letting it stop them – there have been a couple broken-into cars in the last couple weeks alone.  It ain’t like this is Fort Knox, y’know.

So using a gate as an excuse – “Ohhhhhh, there’s a gate here…guess we’ll have to turn around and go home, darn” – is pretty damned lame, even for you retarded leftist fucks.

But I’ve come to expect it from the likes of chickenshits like the Revvvvvvvvv’r’nnnnnnnd Mykki and his “flock”.


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