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Okay, so let’s see:  Lying to a federal grand jury doesn’t “rise to the level” of impeachment.

But, according to Bonnie Fwank (D-Maththachuthettth), mishandling an investigation where there’s not even any evidence of a crime is.

Rep. Barney Frank said late Monday that Congress should begin an impeachment investigation into the Bush administration’s handling of the Leakgate scandal and not wait for Special Proscecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to determine whether any laws were broken.

For some reason, I’m reminded of the Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck/Elmer Fudd scene:

BUGS:  Would you like to shoot me now or wait ’til you get home?


BUGS:  You keep out of this!  He doesn’t have to shoot you now!!!

Just sayin’, is all.

“During the Clinton impeachment, the Republicans kept saying, remember, impeachment does not mean the end of the process. It is the beginning,” Frank told MSNBC “Hardball” substitute host Campbell Brown.

Well, we first had to gather evidence that a crime was committed.  And we did, Bonnie.

You’ve got…pray tell, what again?

“I must honestly say, I do not trust the president to do an independent investigation here,” Frank explained.

That’s quite alright, Reprethentatve Fwank.  We don’t exactly trust you to be an objective voice in the matter, either.

When reminded that the Leakgate probe was in the hands of a special prosecutor, Frank sounded confused, telling Brown: “Yes. But it is still also the president, because I don’t think not being convicted of a crime [should] be the only qualification for being deputy chief of staff.”

Actually, that’s true.  We also like it when they run campaigns that score clear victories over the opposition  and help gain/retain majorities in Congress.  That’s a good qualification, too. (chuckle)

Moments later, Frank was asked whether Democrats should really be “pursuing impeachment proceedings on this” rather than addressing issues like Social Security reform.

“Yes. No, I think we can do both,” he insisted.

Well, you might – if  you were the majority party.  Last I checked… (crickets chirping)

On Friday, Rep. Frank and his House colleague John Conyers asked the Library of Congress to determine whether “high-ranking members of the President’s staff are subject to the Congressional impeachment process.”

Well, that’s doubtful, but I’m sure you can find a black-robed, tin-plated asshat excuse-for-a-judge to find an emanation or penumbra in the Constitution.

Have you tried looking in Florida?

The Frank-Conyers letter continued:

“We believe that the rationale for impeachment clearly applies to high-ranking officials who wield presidential authority in many cases with even more impact than some cabinet officers. And we do not see any Constitutional language that would exclude such officials from the impeachment process.”

“Except when there’s a Democrat in the White House.  Can’t touch ‘em then.”

F.E.T.E., as the Imperial Torturer™ might say…


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