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Yet another One-Legged Man™ day, so LC MrSpkr fills in on yet another reason to rejoice at Sandy Ditzy O’Conwoman’s departure.


The folks over at WorldNetDaily had this story about the re-introduction of Ebonics at the San Bernadino, CA school district.

Then, as is their fashion, they came out with a poll to gauge the response of its readers.

The question was: “What do you think about Ebonics in today’s school curriculum?”

Here were the possible answers:

Da mo Ebonics, da better

Gots to have it, ’cause dats how many kids be talkin’

Dis be no different than Spanish

Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with dat

Homeboy teacher gots to be speakin’ da same talk as da students, ya dig?

Say wha?

Day be promotin’ wrong speakin’

Ridiklus, da only ting American chillin’ be needin is trainin’ in basic English

Stupid is as stupid do

None o’ da above

Who says Joseph Farah doesn’t have a sense of humor?


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