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For a few bright, shining years, New York City was a beacon on a hilltop.  The city had finally shed it’s Rotten Apple image, cleaned up its act and set an example for all to follow.

Even during 9/11, the city took the best the ragheaded Islamofucks threw at it, and stood tall.

Then Rudy Giuliani stepped down as mayor.  His replacement, a RINO fuckwit by the name of Bloomberg…well, let’s just say that he’s demonstrating that not everyone is cut out to be the mayor of the Big Apple.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that terrorists come “in all sizes and shapes and forms” and it wouldn’t be fair for police to profile terrorism suspects on the basis of a Middle Eastern appearance.

This despite the fact that the last five or six beheadings in Iraq, the bombings in London, 9/11, the USS Cole  bombing, the Marine barracks in Beirut, the first WTC bombing, the Achille Lauro  attack, etc, etc…all done by people with a definite Middle Eastern appearance.

But noooooooo,  Bloomberg…wouldn’t be fair  to maybe keep a closer eye on those types, now would it?

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