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In yet another People’s Exhibit™ of how the Limp-dicked Llama-humping Left™ sides with the enemies of this country (what is this now, Number 3,836,949,003?), that veritable bastion of tolerance (except when it comes to conservatives or Christians), the ACLU, is throwing yet another tantrum in the name of the so-called “seperation of church and state”.

This time, they’re kvetching about the oath one swears when taking the stand in court.

In an effort to end the Bible’s monopoly on the swearing-in procedure in the courtroom, the American Civil Liberties Union is now suing the state of North Carolina.

A lawsuit has been filed in Superior Court in Wake County, N.C., on behalf of the organization’s statewide membership of approximately 8,000 individuals of many different faiths, including Islam and Judaism.

Ah yes.  The tried-and-true tactic of going through the courts to get what you can’t get through any other means.  Doing an end-around to thwart the will of the people, most of whom I’m guessing don’t want to be sworn in on a book written about the Pedophilic Pseudo-Prophet™.

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