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Denizens, as most of you know, I’m not that enamored with polls or poll ratings.  These people get the same 1500 out of the same pool of 5000 or so from each coast, or so it seems.  And the questions are always phrased in such a fashion as to extract answers with a decidedly leftward lean to them.

In any event, they’ve never asked me,  and I suspect they’ve never asked you, either – so F.E.T.E, as the Imperial Torturer™ is wont to say.

That said, I’m encouraged by this latest round of numbers.

A new Fox News poll shows President Bush’s job approval numbers on the rebound.

Bush’s approval rating jumped six points over last month’s result to 42 percent among Americans surveyed.

Hmmm.  Could be because:  a) the Lame Stream Media™ is finally beginning to report that all in Iraq is not as bad as they’ve been portraying it, and/or b) the President is finally listening to his base and grudgingly vowing to protect the US-Mexico border. (Now, whether Bush comes through on that is fodder for another post, but we’ll get to that later.)

Now, he might win some more brownie points by telling Pelosi the San Fran Skank™, Teddy-the-Red-Nosed-Senator and Dingy Harry Reid what they can go do with themselves – but if he likes  his poll numbers in the 40s…well, who am I to argue?

His disapproval numbers still outpace that figure, however, with 48 percent dissatisfied with his job performance, primarily centered on the war in Iraq.

Meaningless, when you consider that one part of that number are the fucktards who are going to hate him anyway, and the other part consists of folks who don’t think he’s hitting the Islamofascists hard enough.

Roughly equal numbers of Americans surveyed think the president either shared the best information available regarding pre-Iraq war intelligence or that he intentionally misled the country on that intelligence.

Again, one side will believe whatever bullshit the Kosnutsacks throw out there, and the other side knows that the Donk bimbos had access to the same material and came to the same conclusion, so these numbers aren’t worrisome.

Democrats are trying to pound away at this apparent uneasiness with attacks on the president’s credibility coming from the usual suspects, such as Senators Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Joe Biden, as well as Reps. Nancy Pelosi

And this is all they have?  So you understand (yawn) why I’m not all that concerned, right?

and, surprisingly, Rep. John Murtha.

Why is this surprising?  It’s now come out that Congressman Cut-and-Run wanted to hand our balls to Somalia, too.  A president committed to finishing the job in a war is clearly anathema to a chickenshit like Murthafucker, so WTF?

The White House has taken measured steps to move forward with its policy agendas on the war on terrorism and Iraq, immigration reform, the U.S. economic policy and other issues.

Right.  And, Mr. President – just a word of advice:  These numbers will continue to go up the more you listen to us  – your base – and less to the Short Bus™ riders on the Left.

We’re the ones that brung ya, W.  Do the country a favor and dance with us.


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