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Just when you’ve gotten tired of the commercialization of Christmas, and of all the wars on Christmas and the Christians celebrating it by the Limp-wristed Lickspittle Left™, etc, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam  – along comes this story of a random shopper’s generosity towards a Marine.

A Marine who’s planning to marry a Texan got an early Christmas present: A fellow shopper picked up the tab for a $3,000 diamond engagement ring after the two struck up a conversation in a jewelry store.

The 54-year-old Dallas woman who paid for the 1-carat, princess cut diamond ring wants to remain anonymous, Helzberg Diamonds spokeswoman Stacey McBride told The Associated Press on Friday.

The woman’s father was in the military, her brother was a Marine who died in Vietnam and her nephew just got back from Iraq, McBride said.

Now that’s  what I call supporting the troops.

And to that wonderful lady:  Standing you to a beer may be a bit déclassé  – but I’ll happily treat you to a Starbucks anytime you’d like.

And both the Denizens and the LCs would be willing to do likewise, I’d think.

Merry Christmas, guyz.


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