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Yeah, yeah, I know – I’d already promised that we were done with the PFW for the year.

Sue me. (grin)

I mean, you couldn’t have expected me to ignore this weekend, what with OU having won their bowl game, my Froggies and the LSU Tigers in bowls of their own and the Cowgirls playing for their playoff lives…could you? :-)

So let’s get crackin’. OU’s already won the Holiday Bowl, 17-14 over the Oregon Ducks and the World’s Ugliest College Football Uniforms Ever™, so there’s one in the bag.

Tonight at 7:30, the 10th-ranked LSU Tigers take on number 9 Miami.  I’d love to see the Hurricanes get it in the shorts tonight (for reasons besides the fact that I don’t like the Hurricanes much), but I’m gonna look for Miami in a squeaker.  Maybe a field goal, I dunno.

Tomorrow, my 14th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs take on the Iowa State Cyclones in the EV1.net Houston Bowl.  I’d pick the Tadpoles in this game, but Iowa State kicked Texas A&M’s maroon asses all over the Kyle Field turf a couple months back, and any team that does that has my everlasting respect.  IOW, this game scares the crap outta me.  Gimme the Frogs and 10.

Sunday night, the Cowgirls are at home vs. the St. Louis Rams.  These are not your father’s Greatest Show on Turf™ Rams; their coach is out with health issues, they’re banged up and don’t have their starting quarterback, plus their two tailbacks are hurting, and the Rams have been pretty much been mailing it in all year, as evidenced by their 5-10 mark.  I’ll take the Pokes, and you can have 13.

I’ll have the recap and the benediction do-over on Monday or thereabouts.  That is, if I’m not hung over from reveling. (grin)


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