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It’s that time once again, Denizens.  Time to see which of Dallas’ liberal shitheads can make the biggest asses of them on the Letters to the Editor pages of the Dullest Moaning Snooze.

Today’s first contestant is a John Bianchi of nearby Wylie, who opines:

Re: “Signs of Intelligence,” by Stephen C. Meyer, Jan. 29 Points.

(Sorry guys – I wish I had access to the original letter, but I don’t.  Sue me.)

Mr. Meyer’s column points to the complexity of the bacterial cell flagellar motor as proof of intelligent design. Since it is irreducibly complex, the motor had to be created in toto since natural selection would not work.

Precisely.  And since the infinite number of monkeys still  haven’t written the complete works of Shakespeare, I’d say Mr. Meyer has a point.

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