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In an AIM chat recently concluded, LC MVK Merr hit the nail squarely on the head when he opined on the Moose-limb cartoon riots:

To think that chaos occurs because of cartoons it makes me wonder why some were concerned that our actions would create more terrorists and that Iraq is the reason for Bali and the like if they get into a mob riot at the sight of cartoons which were reverted and placed in the controversial spot by a Muslim, himself.

One wonders, indeed.  Does kinda beg the question, “Why all the resulting angst and hand-wringing over Abu Ghraib, et. al.?”

The ragheaded fucksticks are going to hate us anyway, and they don’t need a reason, other than the fact that we support Israel.  Time to stop pussyfooting around the goat-fuckers, stop giving a fat rat’s ass what they think and kick their collective ass.

And then we can draw some pictures of that.


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