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WACO – Denizens, I want you to go look at this PFW report.  Substitute “Baylor” for “Iowa State”.

You now have my report for the game.

at Arlington Heights 31, Azle 34 (OT)
at UBuffalo 9, Temple 3 (OT)
at #10 Oklahoma 24, UAB 17
at #8 LSU 45, Louisiana-Lafayette 3
#22 TCU 17, at Baylor 7
at Dallas 10, Minnesota 10 (OT)

Heights could only manage a field goal in overtime.  Bad feeling about this team – if it can’t beat Azle, one wonders if it’ll beat anyone outside of North Side.

Turner Gill won his coaching debut in a snoozefest.

JoMarcus Russell threw 3 first-half scores en route to a massive route in their Little Sisters of the Poor game.

Adrian Peterson ran for 139 yards and two second-half touchdowns, including the game winner as OU squeaked by Alabama-Birmingham.

Tony Romo passed for a game-tying touchdown late in the fourth quarter, then Mike Vanderjagt missed two field-goal attempts in overtime in a sister-kisser.  He likely cost fourth-round draft choice Skyler Green his job, as Bill Parcells kept an extra kicker (Shawn Suisham) for just-in-case.  IYAM, Vander-choke is lucky to be employed RightAboutNow™.

On to TCU.  No two ways about it – Baylor flat-out kicked the Frogs’ asses.  Up the field and back down.  TCU was lucky to be down only 0-7 at half.

Jeff Ballard got his bell rung in the second quarter of what they were calling the “God Bowl” (there were t-shirts in the crowd asking the question “Who’s the Holiest?” (grin)), and was replaced by Marcus Jackson.  Jackson threw an 84-yard strike to Aaron Brown in the third quarter to put the Tadpoles up for the first time all night, then the Frog ground game managed to push down to the three in the fourth, where Jackson threw another TD pass to tight end Quinton Cunigan midway through the quarter.

TCU’s defense, flung around all night like a Raggedy Andy doll, stiffened in the fourth and made the lead stand up, thus preserving the nation’s second-longest winning streak at 11 games.  But they’ll have to be a helluva lot better if they’re to be taken seriously from this point forward.

The PFW returns Friday for another shot.  Probably won’t get it, though – Heights takes on Birdville, and they’re ranked in the area.  Like I said – if Heights can’t beat Azle…


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