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As we turn into the 2006 home stretch, we mourn that this is the last regularly-scheduled shot at a Perfect Football Weekend™ – so, let’s get to it.

(Actually, I wanted to lead with a story about Bob Stoops and why he missed the Nebraska-Colorado game because he was playing a pickup game of hoops with his kids – but I can’t find the link, so… (sigh))

Tomorrow night, the Royse City Bulldogs have the area round of the playoffs in Tyler versus Texarkana Liberty-Eylau.

The winner of this game becomes my high-school team for the rest of the playoffs.  If it’s Royse City, the reason is obvious (even for that fuckhead dick jockey from Austrailia who thinks that this  time, maybe I won’t “enhance” his comments ).  However, if it’s Eylau, they become my favorite team – because earlier in the season, they kicked Sulphur Springs’ backwoods asses, 40-30.  Mheh.

Also tomorrow night, eighth-ranked Oklahoma is in the Big XII Championship Game™ against 19th-ranked Nebraska.

Three years ago, Nebraska would’ve been the PFW team in this matchup.  Amazing how things change.  Anyway, OU’s favored by about 4, so you can have Nebraska & three.

Saturday afternoon, TCU will close out it’s regular season at home against the Falcons of the Air Force Academy.  TCU’s favored by 18 – and, given how the Froggies have trouble with the passing game, it’s anyone’s guess as to why.  Fisher DeBerry likes to throw the ball all over the lot, and they destroyed Army a few weeks back, whereas TCU merely beat the Black Knights.  I’ll take TCU, but I’m only gonna give you 10 – and even that  scares me.

Sunday afternoon, the Romo Era gets its first major test (second, if you count the Carolina game) as the ‘Boys travel to Joisey to take on the New York Football Giants.  NY’s hurt, though some of their injured players might be back for this one.  This game still scares me, though, because I still don’t trust that Cowboy secondary – especially against Eli Manning.  We’ll see.

We’re back Monday for the recap.  In the meantime, you’re invited to handicap USC-UCLA, just for shits & giggles.


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