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Erm, not so fast on the Demoscummic takeover of the Senate there, Sparky.  Looks like one of the leftist fucktards just had himself a stroke.

(Which is, come to think of it, hard to figure out.  A stroke is defined as a brain hemorrhage, right?  So how can a Demoscum have a hemorrhage of something he doesn’t possess?)

Anyway, let’s roll the story, courtesy of NewsMax…

Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota suffered a possible stroke Wednesday and was taken to a hospital, his office said.

If he should be unable to continue to serve, it could halt the scheduled Democratic takeover of the Senate. Democrats won a 51-49 majority in the November election. South Dakota’s governor, who would appoint any temporary replacement, is a Republican.

And if he has better than the brains of a tick, anyone he appoints to fill any vacancy will be a Republican.  Which would leave the split at 50-50 – actually, 50-48-2 if you really  wanna get technical – and ties go to Dick Cheney.  Meh.

South Dakota Secretary of State Chris Nelson said there are no special restrictions on such an appointment and a replacement does not have to be in the same political party.

Sounds to me like Chrissie’s a Demoscum whistling past the graveyard, doesn’t it?

Watch & pray, Denizens.  Watch & pray.


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