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Over at the Rott, Imperial correspondent LC Jackboot has a great post about the Phoenix, AZ socialist indoctrination center independent school district and its plan to teach a so-called “HIV/AIDS curriculum” to first graders.  It’s a good read, and well worth your time.

But my favorite part of the post is a comment from LC Beaker, who had this to say:

This year my kids (5th and 2nd grades) brought home a permission slip for me to sign that would allow the district to have a psychologist “counsel” them about a number of issues, including “family problems.” My daughter was surprised a bit when I told her to tell her teacher to go pound sand.

Just why in the ever-loving fuck a school feels the need to pry into every students personal life is beyond me, but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to give them permission to poke their socialist noses into my family’s private life. My kids go to school to learn to read and write, to learn mathematics and science and history.

They do not go to school to save the rainforest, eliminate global warming, protect the endangered three-nippled salamander, or learn how gay marriage is just as valid as the old-fashioned kind found in the Old Testament. How parents raise their kids is a private affair, and liberal, nanny-statists who think they have the right to interfere can all go fuck themselves.

And then die in a fire.

Amen and amen, Beak.  Good on ya, mate.

Our kids belong to us,  not the state – and the sooner the socialist shitstains get that through their thick-assed heads, the sooner they can get on with sitting behind their oversized desks and beating themselves off while fantasizing about owning us all.

Free of having to worry about how many more holes they get put in them.


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