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Memo to the Bullshit State Broncos:  You.  Ain’t.  That.  Good.

You beat OU in a bowl game.  Big.  Fuckin’.  Deal.

And not only did you have the zebras’ help (OU couldn’t breathe on you without drawing a flag), you had to resort to trick plays to achieve the one-point victory.

In plain, non-potato-farmer English, Bullshit State – you couldn’t play the Oklahoma Sooners straight up and win.

Now consider that you eked out a one-point  victory in overtime  against a team that’s lost three of its last four bowl games.  And you had to have a trick play to get into OT, at that.

Get this straight, Smurfs:  TCU would have kicked your ass up the field and back down.  LSU would have had you pussies crying all the way back to your Smurf Turf™.  And I won’t even  speculate on what Ohio State, Southern Cal, Florida or Michigan would’ve done to you.

Deserving of respect?  You wussies?

Get fookin’ real.


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