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TCU 37, Northern Illinois 7
Oklahoma 42, Mr. PotatoHead SmurfTurf Bullshit State 29, Desperate Trick Plays That Proved They Couldn’t Play OU Straight Up 14
LSU 41, Notre Dame 14
Dallas 7, Phuckadelpha Beagles 23
Dallas 31, Detroit (Detroit?!?!?!) 39
Dallas 20, Seattle Seahags 21

Garrett Wolfe was the nation’s leading college rusher this year, so TCU looked to have its hands full at the Poinsettia Bowl.

Then again, a University of North Texas back led the nation in rushing a couple years ago, and that didn’t mean much in their bowl game, either.  TCU jumped Wolfe early and often, managing to make first contact with him behind the line of scrimmage on nearly every one of his carries.

This game was close for…oh…about 15 minutes and 11 seconds – about the time TCU needed to get their second touchdown.  Ballard was 19 of 29 for 258, and fellow outgoing senior Lonta Hobbs gained 109 on 18 carries and actually made it through an entire bowl game without fumbling for once.

TCU’s performance this past year (a second straight 11-win season) was enough to merit some interest from the University of Minnesota before they settled on Tim Brewster from the Denver Broncos.  It’ll be interesting to see how ’07 shapes up for the Froggies, but here’s a hint for Patterson:  If you go 1-10 next year, sir – that one win had damned  well best be against the SMUT Shitland Ponies.

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