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Growing up, I wasn’t on board with the rock ‘n roll genre.  To say that I equated all R&R with Metallica wouldn’t be an inaccurate statement.  And I wanted no part of it.

That changed shortly after I graduated “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there) in 1981.  It was at that point that I entered a fairly rebellious phase (for me) in my life.  Part of that was developing a taste for – gasp! – rock ‘n roll.  And the first band I remember going nuts over was Boston.

But if you click that link today, you’ll see a tribute to its lead singer, Brad Delp.  That’s because he’s reached his destination, having passed from us at age 55.

In the story, they call him a tenor.  Sorry, guys – that’s no tenor.  I’m a tenor, and there’s no way in Hell™ I can get my voice that  high without a vise grip attached firmly to my balls.

Tom, Barry, Sib – I loved your music, hated your politics, and haven’t listened to any of your stuff since Third Stage.  But I will miss the hell outta Brad, and I grieve with you that he’s gone.

Rest in peace, Brad.


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