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Okay, Denizens, I guess you could consider me “back”.  Not that that means a whole lot – the honeymoon’s not until the end of July, which is when I’ll really  be out of pocket.  And I have  posted a couple of things during the last three weeks.

Anyway, with all that said, I believe I mentioned something about a “major announcement”.

So here it is.

There ain’t one.  Not yet, anyway.

See, here’s the deal:  I’d told a couple folks that I was probably going to retire as a regular, active blogger once I’d gotten married.  The same maladies that caused me to close up the BBS 10 years ago or so are now once again in place – i.e, not time to do much of anything, least of all write.

The fact that I’m on the road all day long doesn’t help things any.  Life was a lot more fun when I was sitting at a desk, waiting for the next cry for help from just down the hall.  Trouble is, it was also a lot less pay, too.    Plus, there’s the matter of trying to find a house, trying to keep this  place relatively clean, paying bills, the side business, that sort of thing.  And that I’m usually exhausted by day’s end helps things not one whit.

The plan was, therefore, to shut this place down and continue ranting, raving and pontificating (not to mention crank out those therapeutic PFWs ( ) over at the Rott.

Well, not so fast.

Fact is, I’m not ready to give up this gig yet.  Things won’t always be this hectic, and it’ll be a beast to fire up the warp engines again.  (You think it was hell on Kirk’s Enterprise???  Try a cold restart on a Worf-class bird-of-prey.  Threw us all the way back to…well, you didn’t think Merlin signed on of his own accord, did you?)

MERLIN:  And I’ll have you know I still  feel it in that knee when the weather changes!!!

LSIK&T:  Shut up or you’re feeding K’hadibak’h’s pet Ferengi tomorrow.

MERLIN (cringing):  Ew.

Anyway, y’all have to put up with me for a while longer.  So there.  Plbsthhhhhhh!!!!


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