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Denizens, I don’t mind telling you that stuff like this brings tears to my eyes:

As you know, I never served in the military (they have a thing against lasagna guts and flat feet).  OneOfTheseDays™, though, I pray to God that my own son gets to greet me like that.

Lord willing, he will.

Happy Father’s Day 2007.


ITEM:  Last week, the Dullest Moaning Snooze  called the Dallas mayor’s runoff race too close to call, giving businessman Tom Leppert a 47-45 edge over homosexual councilcritter Ed Oakley (margin of error 5.8%).

ITEM:  Last night, Leppert kicked the shit out of the heterophobe, 58%-42%.

Thus raising the question “Why do we take the media seriously when handicapping political races, anywayz?”


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