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Memo to Guy Morriss:  If you’re going to let your team talk trash against its opponent, then spend your entire spring & summer game-planning for one contest…perhaps your team should at least score a point or two, hm?

Arlington Heights 28, Azle 24
#22 TCU 27, Baylor 0
UBuffalo 3, #15 Rutgers 35
#2 LSU 45, Mississippi St 0
#8 Oklahoma 79, N. Texas 10
Dallas 13, Minnesota 24

My understanding had been that the poor-man’s version of Vince Young for Arlington Heights, a lad by the name of Donnell Dickerson, wouldn’t be playing for the Yellow Jackets this year.  But according to this write-up:

The Yellow Jackets scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns to come back for a 28-24 victory against Azle in the season opener for both teams. Donnell Dickerson scored on a 29-yard shovel pass from Mark Grace, and Grace scored on a 14-yard keeper to give Heights the final lead with 9:18 left. Dickerson rushed for two touchdowns, of 1 yard and 29 yards, in the first half and finished with 150 yards on 16 carries.

Wow.  May not be such a bad year for Heights, after all.

As expected, few starters played for the Cowboys against the ViQueens Dykings team from BridgeFallDownGoBoomVille Minnesota.  Backup Matt Moore did okay, and his reward was getting cut.  Oh, well.

UBuffalo surprised Temple in its first game last year.  No such luck this year – the game was over early.  Buffalo covered the spread-plus-14, though, so it counts as a victory (albeit moral).

WITY™ (What’d I Tell Ya?) regarding LSU and Missississississi…uh, the Bulldogs?  Bo Pelini’s defense collected 7 turnovers (6 interceptions) and RB Keiland Williams bulldozed for a couple of TDs as the Tigers reauxlled…uh, rolled. 

Good thing that coaching careers aren’t defined by one game.

Memo to Todd Dodge:  The competition on this level is just a weeeeeee  bit more than that to which you’re probably accustomed.

New OU quarterback Sam Bradford probably thought practices were tougher.  He went 20-for-22 for 350 yards in the first half as the Sooners also put this one away early.  New OU tailback DeMarco Murray rushed for only 87 yards, but also scored five touchdowns.

What do you do after holding a Texas Tech-style offense to three points last year?  You shut out its sister offense being run in Waco this year.

Last year, it was Baylor head coach Guy Morriss running down TCU head coach Gary Patterson.  This year, Baylor tailback Brandon Whittaker took his shots:

“They have been talking a lot of noise about how they should be in the Big 12,” Whitaker said, “and so we are just going to go down there and prove to them that they shouldn’t.”

Mr. Whittaker, TCU can apparently do something you guys can’t:  Beat Big XII teams on a regular basis.  They’ve now won five in a row against Big XII teams, including your sorry asses twice.

New Frog quarterback Andy Dalton was 18 of 30 for 205 yards and one touchdown in his first start.  Frog backs ran for 181 yards and two touchdowns, and the TCU defense held the Baylor attack to 78 total yards in the second half, forcing three interceptions on their way to four total.

This week:  5-0. (the Dallas game doesn’t count, and Buffalo covered their spread as set by me).  Overall record:  5-0.

The PFW will return Friday as we start with the nailbiting early.  Details to come.


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