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So help me Cthulu, the same damned crew worked the Frog & Cowboy games this weekend.

at TCU 21, SMU 7
#3 Oklahoma 62, at Tulsa 21
at UBuffalo 21, Baylor 34 (UBuffalo covers)
at #2 LSU 24, #12 S. Carolina 16
Dallas 34, at Chicago 10

Baylor finally found someone they could beat besides Rice. Drew Willy threw three picks, and Blake Szymanski threw three TDs as the Bears held off a furious Bull charge.

OU didn’t play one of its better game, especially on defense; in fact; there were times in the first quarter that Tulsa positively dominated. Talent won out, though, and the Hurricanes wilted under the overwhelming Sooner pressure.

Allan Patrick scored two touchdowns, DeMarco Murray added three and Sam Bradford threw a couple of bombs to Juaquin Iglesias.

And yet another memo to Mack Brown:

The Sooners (4-0) have put up at least 50 points in all four games. That’s only the second time in school history they’ve had such a streak — they also did it in 2003, capped by a 65-13 romp over Texas.

These guys are slightly better than Rice.

Steve Superior Spurrier’s squad gave Bo Pelini’s defense more trouble than anyone else so far this year, thanks to occasional trickery, but Matt Flynn and kicker Colt David pulled a bit of a surprise of their own with David catching a Flynn flip off a fake field goal attempt (try saying that five times fast) late in the first half to power the Tigers over the Gamecocks.

The Frog offense got a TD, the defense got a TD off a pick-six, and the kicking game even got in on the act, scoring one themselves off a blocked punt.

They tried to trick up the game and call it the “DFW duel: The Battle for the Iron Skillet”. (Why do they always have to try and trick something up like that? Why not just call it “TCU-SMU” and be done with it?)

Anyway, here’s the game in a nutshell: TCU sucked. SMU sucked. The refs really sucked. But they were sucking more in the Mustangs’ favor, and for once, the Good Guys™ survived an eleven-on eighteen beatdown.

Cases in point: In the 2nd quarter, SMU driving, the Frogs were called for a 15-yard pass interference penalty. Just a slight problem – the pass was not only uncatchable, the Frog defensive back turned to look for the ball during the coverage. Presumably, the DB has as much right to the ball as the receiver. Not to this crew, though.

In the 4th quarter, TCU intercepted a Justin Willis pass, only to see it nullified by a roughing the passer penalty. Only thing was, Willis wasn’t roughed.

Backup quarterback Marcus Jackson relieved a woefully ineffective Andy Dalton and guided the Froggies to their only offensive TD of the night. Starting tailback Aaron Brown returned to the lineup and added 92 yards on eleven carries.

And then this half-assed excuse-for-an-officiating-crew must have boarded a United flight and high-tailed it to Soldier Field for last night’s soirée.

In the second quarter, Romo completed a 14-yard pass to Julius Jones, who received a nice block from tight end James Witten on the play. Witten, however, was called for a block in the back, negating the play. Just one minor detail – Witten never even touched the guy’s back. Replays showed that he came in from the defender’s side to deliver the block.

Then at the end of the half, Chicago had the ball at midfield with about seven seconds left. Grossman went back to pass on fourth down, and was sacked by DeMarcus Ware with three seconds left. The ref, inexplicably, wound the clock instead of stopping it, ending the half. Nor did the replay official intervene to correct the blunder.

In the third quater, the Bears scored their only touchdown with a huge assist from our favorite crybaby/whipping boy, Widdle Woy Willie, when his POS tackling gave tight end Desmond Clark 20 extra yards on a 52-yard pass play; Chicago would score two plays later.

Fortunately for Dallas, Rex Grossman was…well…Rex Grossman. “Wrecks” threw three picks in all, one returned for a TD by Anthony Henry.

Romo was 22 of 35 for 329, and Marion Barber III had 102 yards on 15 carries. Demarcus Ware had two sacks on Grossman, helping to contribute to his sorry night. Look for a change at QB this week out of the Windy City.

This week: 5-0 (Perfect Football Weekend™ achieved (2)). Overall: 19-3.

The PFW will return on Friday to ponder the age-old question, “What in Cthulu’s unholy name were the Beagles thinking with those uniforms?”


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