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At this rate, we’re gonna have 40 candidates who’ve won 40 primaries/caucii.

Romney won Michigan (he also won Wyoming, but who gives a fat rat’s ass about Wyoming?) by 39%-30% over McRINO, while the Huckster garnered 16%

(In the Donk primary, the Duchess basically ran uncontested – and still only got 55%.&#160 Go figure.)

We now have a 1-1-1 tie going into South Carolina, where if Fred! doesn’t make a helluva showing, he’d better hope the eventual nominee likes old running mates.&#160

The Huckster should rebound well in SC – maybe not enough to win, but still enough to give both Mormonboy & McRINO a scare or two.

The Demoscummic National Socialist Committee insisted their candidates not run, due to Michigan’s Donk party daring to defy the national Donks and hold their primary when they&#160 chose.&#160 (The nerve&#160 of those Michiganders!)

IYAM (and you didn’t, not that I give a shit), Obama should’ve run – he might’ve beaten the Duchess and caused real&#160 panic amongst the socialists.&#160 Oh, well.

Unless McRINO makes a dent in SC, his campaign may finally bite the dust.&#160 Folks here in the south have not forgotten McRINO-Feingold, or the education bill that Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator signed off on, or the Gang of Fourteen, or…

You get the idea.

Not that it would break my heart to see McRINO go.&#160 His 15 minutes of fame were over 8 years ago.&#160 Besides, Fred! needs that spot more.&#160

As always, watch this space.


[Scene:&#160 the engineering section of Pegasus.&#160 Lieutenant Commander Ozymandias McCool has rivers of sweat pouring from his brow after four days of hard work.&#160 He steps back, makes one last check for loose connections, wipes his brow and heads for the intercom.]

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 Engineering to Bridge!

KORRIOTH (over speaker):&#160 Bridge.&#160 Korrioth here.

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 Captain, please inform the Admiral that the new shields are ready to deploy.

[Cut to the bridge of Pegasus.&#160 Exec Officer Korrioth and His Rudeness listen to McCool’s report with satisfied looks on their faces.]

LSIK&T:&#160 Acknowledged, Commander, and thank you.&#160 Bridge out.&#160 (to Korrioth) Captain, if you please…?

KORRIOTH:&#160 Tactical!&#160 Raise shields!

Denizens, I’m trying some things behind the scenes here.&#160 If all goes well, you won’t notice a thing.


Did Al-Qaida really&#160 have to fly those planes into the World Trade Center?&#160 Couldn’t they have flown them into the Meadowlands and taken out the New York Football Pussies Douchebags instead?&#160


Just got through doing a little housecleaning around here – minor tweaks to the blog template (very&#160 minor), and a bit of culling of the blogroll – removal of the dead links, and a bit of “repositioning” for others.

Surprisingly, Rayegun’s link still seems to work.&#160 Wonders never cease, I guess…

T-BONE MCMANX:&#160 (cough)

LSIK&T:&#160 Yes, McManx, I see the diligence in your effort.&#160 Good job.

T-BONE MCMANX:&#160 Thank you, m’Liege.

And at some point, I’m going to look at upgrading the Movable Type package to the newest version, which looks right now to be 4.01.&#160 (I’m not sure if 3.15 can be upgraded to 4 at this point, will have to investigate – time permitting, of course.)

The upshot to all this is that there’s a very good chance that I – not being as conversant with this particular software as I’d like – could wind up causing a warp-core breach, nuking the blog completely and having to start from scratch.&#160 (shrug) Life’s full of little surprises, I suppose – “friends” turning their back on you, blogs disappearing into the ethersphere, that sort of thing.

Stay tuned.



Idle thoughts regarding the first two battles of the political year:

As you know by now, Denizens, the finish in Iowa was Huckabee-Romney-ThompsonMcRINO for the Good Guys&#153, and Osama Obama-Duchess Hilarious-Silky Pony for the Donks, while in New Hampshire it was McRINO-Romney-Huckabee and Hilarious-Osama Obama, respectively.

I’m not terribly surprised that the Huckster did so well among Iowa Republicans and so poorly among those in NH.&#160 Iowa GOPers can identify with someone whom they perceive to have a moral backbone, while Northeasterners, R or&#160 D, will go for the liberal every time.

McRINO’s campaign will not go far past South Carolina.&#160 I think that on that, you can safely bank.

What disturbs me is that Fred! is running what can be charitably described as a lethargic campaign.&#160 A 15-year-younger Fred!, running a campaign full of 15-years-younger energy, would be running away with this election – not just the primaries, but the general election, as well.&#160 I was hoping for a more energetic campaign for Fred!, and will still vote for him in the Texas primary – but I don’t like his chances unless he overwhelms in the South.

So who after that?&#160 I’m with Bill Keller on this one – a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan, and he won’t be getting mine.


That leaves me with Huckabee, and he’s gonna have to show me a helluva lot more than what he has thus far if he wants my vote.

On the flip side, I think B. Hussein Obama has peaked.&#160 How the South treats him will be key, but the Duchess gets the nomination, I think.&#160 Which bodes well for the Republicans, since for a lot of the GOP faithful, it won’t matter who&#160 their nominee is if the Demoscum is Hilarious – and I think it will be.

It’s about to be a good time to be a conservative again.&#160


I don’t do this very often, but occasionally it’s warranted: Despite the two losses by teams I had in play, I’m making an Executive Decision&#153 and declaring this last one of the year a Perfect Football Weekend&#153.

Tracking a championship team will do that for you.&#160

TCU 20, UHouston 13
Dallas 6, at Washington 27
#4 Oklahoma 28, #9 West Inbred Virginia 48
#2 LSU 38, #1 Ohio State 24

I told you guys that Dallas would probably get its ass kicked for lack of want-to, and did they ever.&#160 That said, they could have at least feigned&#160 interest.

One aggregate yard rushing between Jewels Jones (who, thank Cthulu, is gone next year) and Marion the Barbarian was enough to tell you how little the Cowboys cared about anything except getting out of the regular season as un-banged up as possible.

Four starters – Newman, Gurode, Ratliff and Owens – sat out the game (Owens had that high ankle sprain).&#160 No one else played terribly inspired, and it showed.

Memo to Bob Stoops:&#160 I know you couldn’t give two flying fucks about me tracking your team, but much more of this and you’ll play your way out of the PFW.

Second memo to Brent Venables:&#160 Bo Pelini, you ain’t.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Inbreds were simply too fast for the Sooners, who inexplicably failed to use their strength (the power running game, leading to the play pass) against a smaller WV unit.&#160 A team that could have easily shoved the ball down the Mountainqueers’ throats tried to play cutesy against them and had their asses handed them on platters.

And the scary thing about that&#160 is that Steve Slaton, WV’s lightning-quick tailback, got hurt in the first quarter and sat out the game.&#160 The Inbreds did this to OU’s supposed stonewall run defense with a reserve tailback, Noel “Noelle” Devine.

MERLIN:&#160 “Noelle”?

LSIK&T:&#160 Well, that’s how the Fox guys were pronouncing it.

Bottom line:&#160 If Stoops is going to make a run at a national championship next year, he’s gotta get quicker & faster on defense.&#160 Maybe on offense, too.

And now I have reason anew to hate West Virginia.

ALL:&#160 ?????

LSIK&T:&#160 Bluebonnet Bowl, 1984.

MERLIN:&#160 Oh.

From about the second quarter on in Houston, I had four Cougar fans behind me who looked for all the world like illegal pendejos&#160 – and sounded like it, too.&#160 W0000000000000t!!!!!!!!

Believe me, I was sorely tempted to buy a cerveza&#160 or dos&#160 to throw in their faces.&#160 ‘Course, I’d’ve had to fight 45,000 pissed-off Houston-ettes – and I was unarmed at the time.

Fortunately, Texas Christian came back from a 10-7 halftime deficit, firming up its defense (yes, even the swiss-cheese secondary, at least until the final possession) and allowing Andy Dalton a few promising flashes of brilliance (he was 21 of 30 for 365, and overthrew a couple that would’ve each gone for six if caught) giving the hardcore Frog fan a modicum of hope for 08-09.&#160 If TCU finds receivers…watch out.

However, the game was sorely in doubt right up until the final play.&#160 After TCU failed to gain a first down on its last possession, they punted to the Houston 2 with 1:30 left in the game.&#160 Houston immediately did what I thought they should’ve done all night long – they proceeded to shred the Frog secondary.&#160 They drove all the way down to the Frog 20, where one pass into the endzone was just –) (– that much out of reach.

Another pass was dropped at the goal line, then with one second remaining, UH quarterback Case Kellum rolled to his left, where he was pursued and dropped by senior defensive end (and MVP, if you ask me) Chase Ortiz.&#160 At that point, 17,000 TCU fans at Reliant Stadium let out a collecting whoop of relief, and the party began in earnest.

Turning point of last night’s BCS championship game occurred in the second quarter with about seven and a half to go.

OSU quarterback Todd Boeckman, back to pass, got obliterated by reserve safety Ali Highsmith as he threw, and the pass was returned by Chevis Jackson for 34 yards.

Five plays later, Matt Flynn put the ball in Jacob Hester’s gut, and Hester pushed through for a 24-10 lead that would not be seriously threatened again.

Flynn was 19 of 27 for only 174, but he had four touchdowns.&#160 Hester ran for 86 yards and the other LSU touchdown.

All in all, it was a nice way for LSU to make its exit from the PFW.

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 They won’t be back, m’Liege?

LSIK&T:&#160 Pelini’s returning to Nebraska, Lieutenant.&#160 While I like LSU okay, Bo was the only reason I followed them.

OZY MCCOOL:&#160 Oh.

This week:&#160 2-2 (Perfect Football Weekend achieved – executive decision due to the LSU championship).&#160 Final 2008 record:&#160 60-19 (.759).

The PFW will return in August 2008, when we’ll welcome back an old friend – the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled leftard fuckhead bashing.


Three weeks ago, when this first came up, I was laughing my ass off over it.

Today, I’m freakin’ incredulous about it.

The Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 is reporting that June Jones III is leaving paradise in Hawa-effin’-i’i and coming to coach football at SMU.

Yeah, you read right.&#160 S-M-fucking-U.&#160 Skip-and-Muffy-effin’-University.

There is absolutely no&#160 amount of money under seven eight annual digits that would make me leave Hawai’i for a shithole like SMUT.&#160 Not without a helluva lotta kicking & screaming, anyway.&#160 And June Jones III is doing it voluntarily.

June Jones III – you, sir, are a fucking shithead of a dumbass.


UPDATE:&#160 So much for my counting skills.

I’d meant to say (in a roundabout way) that it’d take a minimum of $10 million to get me to even consider it.

Leave it to Denizen and blogger David Hartung to point out the error (read:&#160 carry the 1) of my ways.


Memo to Joe Gibbs & Widdle Danni Snyder:

Ain’t quite as easy when the other team gives a fuck too, is it now?

&#160 &#160


Denizens, take a look at this Parade&#160 magazine I found in this morning’s Dullest Moaning Snooze.

Note especially the date in the upper right corner – January 6, 2008.

What makes this all the more interesting is that the morons at Parade&#160 didn’t even bother to post-edit the thing to note the December 27th assassination of Bhutto.

Not.&#160 One.&#160 Mention.

IOW, Denizens, anyone belonging to the Uninitiated&#153 would read this and think that Bhutto was still alive.

And then the Lame Stream Media&#153 wonders why their readership is going down.&#160


The only way that one could describe 2007 would be that it was a fucked-up year.&#160 The Demoscum managed to lie their way back into control of Congress, causing this pajamajournalist to break out the words “Imperial Socialist” to put in front thereof once again – the first time the term had been used since Spatula City BBS! really was&#160 a BBS.&#160 Demoscum also lied their way back into Dallas local government, with Dallasites throwing a five-year-old’s temper-tantrum and voting in Donktard judges, a lesbo sherriff and a still-under-investigation district attorney.

The Imperial Socialist Congress immediately began attempts to lose the war in Iraq by trying several times to withhold funds from the troops – one of several moves that dropped its approval rating down to a record low level of nearly 10%.&#160 Their response was to reintroduce the illegal-alien shamnesty bill, which thankfully failed to make it to President Bush’s desk.&#160 Twice.&#160 (“Thankfully” because Bush, like the limpdick weasel RINO that he is, had indicated he would sign it, thus ruining any chance any Bush ever again has for obtaining the Presidency.&#160 Sorry, Jeb.)

More »


Between taking down the tree, getting the oil changed in the car and various other stuff, I’ll be attempting something resembling a Year In Review post for 2007.

Look for it to be a somewhat snarly tone, as the year wasn’t the greatest, AFAIC. (This year isn’t starting off that great, either, come to think of it, which may contribute to the general snarliness.)


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