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The only way that one could describe 2007 would be that it was a fucked-up year.&#160 The Demoscum managed to lie their way back into control of Congress, causing this pajamajournalist to break out the words “Imperial Socialist” to put in front thereof once again – the first time the term had been used since Spatula City BBS! really was&#160 a BBS.&#160 Demoscum also lied their way back into Dallas local government, with Dallasites throwing a five-year-old’s temper-tantrum and voting in Donktard judges, a lesbo sherriff and a still-under-investigation district attorney.

The Imperial Socialist Congress immediately began attempts to lose the war in Iraq by trying several times to withhold funds from the troops – one of several moves that dropped its approval rating down to a record low level of nearly 10%.&#160 Their response was to reintroduce the illegal-alien shamnesty bill, which thankfully failed to make it to President Bush’s desk.&#160 Twice.&#160 (“Thankfully” because Bush, like the limpdick weasel RINO that he is, had indicated he would sign it, thus ruining any chance any Bush ever again has for obtaining the Presidency.&#160 Sorry, Jeb.)

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