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Three weeks ago, when this first came up, I was laughing my ass off over it.

Today, I’m freakin’ incredulous about it.

The Dullest Moaning Snooze&#160 is reporting that June Jones III is leaving paradise in Hawa-effin’-i’i and coming to coach football at SMU.

Yeah, you read right.&#160 S-M-fucking-U.&#160 Skip-and-Muffy-effin’-University.

There is absolutely no&#160 amount of money under seven eight annual digits that would make me leave Hawai’i for a shithole like SMUT.&#160 Not without a helluva lotta kicking & screaming, anyway.&#160 And June Jones III is doing it voluntarily.

June Jones III – you, sir, are a fucking shithead of a dumbass.


UPDATE:&#160 So much for my counting skills.

I’d meant to say (in a roundabout way) that it’d take a minimum of $10 million to get me to even consider it.

Leave it to Denizen and blogger David Hartung to point out the error (read:&#160 carry the 1) of my ways.


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