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Idle thoughts regarding the first two battles of the political year:

As you know by now, Denizens, the finish in Iowa was Huckabee-Romney-ThompsonMcRINO for the Good Guys&#153, and Osama Obama-Duchess Hilarious-Silky Pony for the Donks, while in New Hampshire it was McRINO-Romney-Huckabee and Hilarious-Osama Obama, respectively.

I’m not terribly surprised that the Huckster did so well among Iowa Republicans and so poorly among those in NH.&#160 Iowa GOPers can identify with someone whom they perceive to have a moral backbone, while Northeasterners, R or&#160 D, will go for the liberal every time.

McRINO’s campaign will not go far past South Carolina.&#160 I think that on that, you can safely bank.

What disturbs me is that Fred! is running what can be charitably described as a lethargic campaign.&#160 A 15-year-younger Fred!, running a campaign full of 15-years-younger energy, would be running away with this election – not just the primaries, but the general election, as well.&#160 I was hoping for a more energetic campaign for Fred!, and will still vote for him in the Texas primary – but I don’t like his chances unless he overwhelms in the South.

So who after that?&#160 I’m with Bill Keller on this one – a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan, and he won’t be getting mine.


That leaves me with Huckabee, and he’s gonna have to show me a helluva lot more than what he has thus far if he wants my vote.

On the flip side, I think B. Hussein Obama has peaked.&#160 How the South treats him will be key, but the Duchess gets the nomination, I think.&#160 Which bodes well for the Republicans, since for a lot of the GOP faithful, it won’t matter who&#160 their nominee is if the Demoscum is Hilarious – and I think it will be.

It’s about to be a good time to be a conservative again.&#160


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