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At this rate, we’re gonna have 40 candidates who’ve won 40 primaries/caucii.

Romney won Michigan (he also won Wyoming, but who gives a fat rat’s ass about Wyoming?) by 39%-30% over McRINO, while the Huckster garnered 16%

(In the Donk primary, the Duchess basically ran uncontested – and still only got 55%.&#160 Go figure.)

We now have a 1-1-1 tie going into South Carolina, where if Fred! doesn’t make a helluva showing, he’d better hope the eventual nominee likes old running mates.&#160

The Huckster should rebound well in SC – maybe not enough to win, but still enough to give both Mormonboy & McRINO a scare or two.

The Demoscummic National Socialist Committee insisted their candidates not run, due to Michigan’s Donk party daring to defy the national Donks and hold their primary when they&#160 chose.&#160 (The nerve&#160 of those Michiganders!)

IYAM (and you didn’t, not that I give a shit), Obama should’ve run – he might’ve beaten the Duchess and caused real&#160 panic amongst the socialists.&#160 Oh, well.

Unless McRINO makes a dent in SC, his campaign may finally bite the dust.&#160 Folks here in the south have not forgotten McRINO-Feingold, or the education bill that Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator signed off on, or the Gang of Fourteen, or…

You get the idea.

Not that it would break my heart to see McRINO go.&#160 His 15 minutes of fame were over 8 years ago.&#160 Besides, Fred! needs that spot more.&#160

As always, watch this space.


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