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Halftime score, NFC Championship Game:&#160 at Green Bay 10, NY Football Douchebags 6

Hey, Douchebags!&#160 Not quite&#160 as easy when the other team contests the two-minute drive, is it?&#160

UPDATE:&#160 (Final:&#160 GB 20, Douchebags 13, Fleabag Pissant Zebras 10) Who the fuck carted the New England Pussies’ officiating crew to Green Bay so damned fast?&#160 Where was the illegal contact on the interception on the Pack’s overtime drive?

Now I’m gonna have to do what I’d been dreading – pull for the New England Pussies in the Super Bowl.

Fuck you, NY Douchebags.&#160 Fuck you and the zebras you paid off.

And fuck&#160 Archie Manning.&#160 Someone shoulda cut his dick off after Peyton.

UPDATE the 2nd:&#160 Let’s not mince words here, okay?

The NY Football Douchebags haven’t won shit.&#160 They were handed this game on a fucking silver platter by a half-assed excuse-for-a-zebra crew that had its collective head up its collective ass.

How else are you gonna explain no flag for Cori Webster riding Donald Driver out of the play well past the five-yard contact zone with no flag, but Al Harris draws a pass-interference flag for so much as daring to breathe&#160 on Plaxico the Pansy-Ass?

Roger Goodell, if you don’t push for full-time trained&#160 officiating after the last two weeks of this shit, you are nothing but a little fuckheaded son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch.

And you can fucking quote&#160 me.



Some years ago, I dragged my Luddite brother, kicking and screaming, into the Computer Age&#153.&#160 He hated the things, didn’t want anything to do with them, didn’t even like the one he had to work on at his job.

Last night, he demanded that I teach him how to rip selected tracks from his CD collection so that he could make a “greatest hits” disc.

I’ve created a monster.&#160


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