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Okay, so, Romney won Nevada.&#160 Clear victory, too – he actually won a majority, pullng in 54% to the 12% pulled in by McRINO and the Twoofer, RuPaul.&#160 (Huckabee placed fourth, with a whopping 9%.)

In S. Carolina, the Huckster finished second, with 30%; Fred! was third with 16%, placing ahead of Romney’s 15%.&#160 (As you know, Fred! extricated himself from the race earlier today.)

All these men trailed the winner of S. Carolina…John-boy McRINO, with 33%.

I have a question for South Carolina GOP:&#160 WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOUR MORONS?

This is the same McRINO who has taken away our right to say what we want, when we want, through McRINO-Feingold.&#160 Same guy who bitched about us over the zhamnesty issue.&#160 The leader of the “Gang of Fourteen” that prevented President Bush from nominating conservative judges to the benches, thus creating judicial backlogs, thus exacerbating an already overtaxed court system.

And you people voted&#160 for this assclown?

And, in so doing, caused the most conservative candidate in the race to decide he was beating his head agasint a brick wall and quit?&#160 Do you dumbasses realize what you’ve fucking done???

By not giving your vote to Fred!, you have pretty much guaranteed that a conservative will not occupy the White House in 2009.&#160 You have all but guaranteed that the next few Supreme Court judges will be fucking socialist activists who don’t give a shit about our God-given freedoms or the Constitution that protects them.&#160 That’s our right to free speech, our right to defend ourselves, our right to be secure in our papers & effects, our right against self-incrimination that you’ve helped to basically give away (among others).

What in the Hell&#153 were you people thinking?????

We are now left with a choice between a liberal Republican governor who’s Der Kaiser’s functional clone; another governor whom the liberals in Massachusetts had no problem electing to office; and McRINO.&#160 This is what you idiots want?!?!?!


The Republican may very well win in November – but it’ll be without my vote.

And to those of you who want to bitch at me for “throwing away” my vote, or who say “if you don’t vote, you’re just giving the White House to Hillary” – look:&#160 There is no functional difference between anyone who’s left in the GOP, and either the Duchess or&#160 B. Hussein Osama Obama.&#160 None.

McRINO may keep trying to fight the war against terrorism a little longer than the Demoscum, but he’ll eventually cave.&#160 On that, you can safely bank.&#160 Huckaclown’s already called our foreign policy “arrogant”, and Cthulu knows that Romney’s FP expeience can fit in a thimble with room left over.

So, since there are no conservatives left in the race, this conservative will likely sit it out, too.

That, and load up on the ammo.


ABC News has just reported that Fred! has removed himself from the race, citing his ill mother in Tennessee.





UPDATE:&#160 I’ll have more to say tonight.&#160 S. Carolina, put on your asbestos undies.



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