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Houston, we have a problem.&#160 John McZhamnesty is the Republican front runner.&#160 He took Florida last night over Romney by 36% to 31%.&#160 Rudy Giuliani grabbed 15% and the Huckster had 14%.&#160 (As already chronicled here, Rudy has left the race – and if Huckabee has any brains at all to speak of, he’ll soon follow.&#160 Shame Fred! got out so soon – now would’ve been a great time to do some damage.)

Not only are there no more true conservatives left in the presidential race, but the least conservative left amongst the GOP now looks as if he’ll be the standard-bearer come November.

Florida was supposed to be Rudy’s to lose – and lose it, he did.&#160 By not getting his name out there in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina, Giuliani gave new meaning to the phrase “out of sight, out of mind”.&#160 With other candidates in the race to garner Floridians’ attention, Rudy had no chance.&#160 The lesson to be learned here is this:&#160 if you’re gonna run, you start on the blocks at the starting line – not at the third turn.

On the Donk side, the Duchess Hilarious won what was, basically, a one-person race – and got no delegates as a result.&#160 As punishment for Florida moving up their primary, the Demoscummic National Socialist Committee stripped the state of its delegates and ordered its candidates not to campaign there (an order the Duchess promptly disobeyed).

Memo to Florida Dems:&#160 Now that the Party has shown you what they think of you, isn’t it time you showed them what you think of them?&#160 Say, by voting Republican in November?

Just sayin’, is all.

Next big race is “Super Tuesday” next week.&#160 For the GOP, it either becomes a real race, or a McRINO coronation.&#160 In any case, I think it’s time to stock up on more ammo…


ABC News is reporting that Silky Pony has finally seen the writing on his multi-million dollar wall, and will finally heed it and drop out.

And, having seen his “all eggs in one basket” Florida strategy fail miserably (more on that this evening), Rudy Giuliani is doing likewise.&#160 The Huckster can’t be too far behind, one would think.


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