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Conventional wisdom supposedly holds that, once the Republican National Convention gets gaveled to a close, all conservatives will fall in like lemmings and get behind the Presumptive Nominee™, John-Boy McZhamnesty.

Hmmmm.  Not so fast there, Rockefeller.

GodTube.com today announced that despite last night’s sweeping victory for John McCain, a stunning new GodTube.com poll reveals that if McCain wins his party’s nomination, Christian Conservatives would rather vote for one of the two Democratic candidates.

With a slim 9.1% support for McCain, and Huckabee a long shot for the nomination, Obama has become a viable choice for many Christian Conservatives with 26.3% of the Christian vote, up 8% from last week.

We’ll forget for a moment that both the Manchurian Muslim and the Duchess Hilarious are not all that much to the left of even McRINO.  If there’s even a hint of truth to these numbers, McLame is in big trouble even before the convention.

Contrary to popular Rockefeller Republican belief, the GOP cannot win without the Christian evangelical vote.  We’re a bigger part of the base than the blue-bloods think – Christians, if memory serves, didn’t exactly come out in droves in ’96, did they?

So, how did  President Dole fare that year?

Mark my words, GOP:  We’re the last part of the conservative base you want to piss off.  And you’ve already pissed us off.


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