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In one of Shrubya’s last official acts before he leaves (and, thank God, takes his “compassionate” form of conservatism with him), he changed a policy allowing CCW in most national parks:

The Bush administration Friday announced a new policy allowing people to carry concealed firearms in nearly every national park and wildlife refuge.

The move changes a nearly 25-year-old policy that only permitted firearms to be carried in areas of parks that are specifically designated for hunting and target practice.

According to the Department of Interior, the new rules apply to national parks and refuges located in states that allow people to carry concealed weapons, and a person carrying a concealed weapon must have proper authorization from the state where the park or refuge is located.

In fact, they’re kinda-sorta dancing a jig over at the Rott right now.

Now, I hate to be the one to piss in everyone’s Cheerios…

MERLIN:  ‘Scuse me?

OZY MCCOOL:  Howzzat?

KORRIOTH:  Who are you and what have you done with Lord Venomous?

VENOMOUS:  Oh, bite me. 

…but everyone just stop and think a minute.

It’s a policy.  A policy enacted by an outgoing President.  A policy enacted by an outgoing President who is surrendering the office to an anti-gun pussy from the other party.

How long do you think it’ll be before the Ayatollah Obambi simply reverses the policy?  Hello?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Be happy tonight, fine.  Go ahead.  Knock yerselves out.

Just remember that nothing is forever – especially not newly-enacted policies roundly despised by the incoming power-brokers.


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