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Hmmmm.  Today seems to be a peaceful day. Other than the pathetic gnashing of Demoscummic teeth over Blagobitch, we’re not really seeing a bunch of whining today.

Hm.  Maybe this has something to do with it (h/t to the beautiful & talented Michelle):

“We’re a gay couple in West Hollywood, neither of us involved in activism, but we just wanted to help,” said Sean Hetherington, 30, a stand-up comic who was the first openly gay contestant ever to do battle, however briefly, in the Gladiator Arena. “And we were amazed at what happened.”

Mr. Hetherington and his companion were among several people surprised by the strength of positive reaction after starting Web sites geared toward a demonstration planned for Wednesday, “Day Without a Gay.” Its organizers are asking gay rights supporters to avoid going to work by “calling in gay” and volunteering in the movement instead.

Anyone out there being inconvenienced by the “strike” on the part of the Lazy-Assed Limp-Wrists™?

CRICKETS:  (chirrrrrrrrrrrrrrp!)

Nah, didn’t think so…

But Malkin reader Send_Me has the line of the day about it, I think:

If folks call in “gay”, then their employers should respond with a pink slip.


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