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Okay, Denizens – I lied.&#160 Now I’ve got something.

Was crusing the Just One Minute&#160 blog prior to crashing (a really good read – five stars; Joe Bob says check it out), and came across this commenter who references the daily Rasmussen poll.

Now, you people know me & polls:&#160 my official position on ’em is “They haven’t asked me”.&#160 But I found this blurb interesting:

Overall, 55% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance so far. Forty-three percent (43%) disapprove.

O RLY???

Hmmmm.&#160 Seems that only a month or two ago, that number was upwards of sixty-five percent.&#160 Could be the Implosion&#153 is beginning more quickly than we’d dared hope…?

And it partially explains why the Demoscum have been crowing over Benedict Arlen Sphincter&#153:&#160 As a diversion for this looming disaster.

Curiouser & curiouser…


Denizens, I don’t have much for you tonight, so your Homework Assignment&#153 for this evening will be to read this column from Dick Morris.

Good stuff, and well worth your time.&#160 And something to look forward to, besides.

(The implosion, not what’s going to get us there.)


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