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Unfortunately, it is completely believable.

It seems that our President is now “sternly” warning us against too much government debt!

Amazing, simply amazing.

I believe the term our founder, in moments such as this makes reference to an RCOB. It definitely applies.


Denizens, I need some help here, and you’re the only ones who can do this.

(If you’ve never registered here, and you’re passing by, or just bored or whatever, feel free to register and offer your views, too.)

Take a look at that Rolex© watch face over there on the right sidebar.

Question:  Do you see a white background surrounding the watch?

Here’s the deal:  I saw the watch in a white square the other day while on another machine running Internet Exploder.

However, I can’t reproduce the effect on my machine, but I don’t trust my weird-assed color scheme.  This is where you come in.

If you’ll do me the honor of telling me what you’re seeing, I’d be most grateful.

Thanks in advance.  (And thanks for reading this blog, too, while I’m thinking about it.)

UPDATE:  Actually, I think I like this clock with the starfield background better.

Still, if you see anything there but the black page b/g, lemme know if you would.


We start this episode of the Perfect Football Weekend in preparation for a WITY™.

If you’ll recall, after Widdle Terri Owens pulled his traditional schtick after the first Beefalo-New England game, I opined:

Anyway, Buffalo will learn, I’m guessing. The over/under is 3-9 before the light suddenly comes on.

Well, the Bills are now 3-6, and have just canned head coach Dick Jauron.  Their next three games are:  at Jacksonville; vs. Miami at home; vs. the Noo Yawk J-E-T-S-JetsJetsJets!!!, also at home.

In other words, three-and-nine is not  out of the question.  And, prior to being fired, Jauron had this to say about the latest Owens flare-up in the Tennessee game:

What didn’t seem to bug Jauron was Owens’ outburst early in the second quarter, when the receiver said he questioned Edwards’ read of the Titans’ defense prior to a snap on third-and-24. Owens was penalized on the play for illegal formation.

Jauron noted that there are numerous shouting matches on the sideline during every game, and suggested what happened was being “blown out of proportion” only because T.O. was involved.

“He doesn’t become a distraction,” Jauron said. “No, I wouldn’t say I wish he hadn’t done it.”

Owens, who had a season-best 85 yards receiving, didn’t speak to reporters on Monday, but explained following the game that he was attempting to get the offense on the same page. Receiver Josh Reed(notes), who was in on the discussion, agreed with Owens’ explanation of what happened.

“We were just telling them what we saw,” Reed said on Monday.

Owens also summed up the loss by noting: “What’s new? That is how it has been the last seven or eight weeks: We lost games in the third or fourth quarter.”

(UPDATE:  Incidentally, after re-reading that, it looks as if I misunderstood – Jauron actually had no problem with the outburst.  Who knows – may be one reason why he was fired.)

So.  Bills losing, Owens not happy and causing controversy, head coach fired – What’d I Tell Ya™?

Let’s go to the PFW.  Turner Gill’s defenseless UBuffalo Bulls are at Ben Roethelisberger’s alma mater, Miami of Ohio, tonight on ESPNU.

Vegas has UBeefalo by four on the road, but To Hell With That™.  For the rest of the season, the SpatulaLine is officially back on – the Bulls have to stay within 14 points of the spread for it to count.  Thus, as long as they don’t lose by 10 or more, it’ll count as a victory.  And they’ll have the SpatulaLine on ‘em until they get something resembling a defense.

My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets have had a wonderful season, winning their first playoff game since I was a student there, i.e. eons.  That all likely comes to an end Friday, as the area-round game against Denton Ryan takes place in a little town about 15 miles north & west of here called Keller.  Look for Ryan in a romp.

Saturday, Gary Patterson’s fourth-ranked Texas Christian Horned Frogs are in the rarefied air (literally) up in Wyoming to play the Cowboys.  The Cowboys are up & down (they’re a .500 team), but they always seem to play well at home, and in fact beat TCU there two years ago.  I like the Frogs here, but Wyoming isn’t going to lay down about it.  Nevertheless, if the Froggies win this one, an undefeated regular season is all but assured, so look for Coach Gary to have the troops ready.

Also Saturday, Oklahoma goes and has its Halloween three weeks late, as they visit their personal house of horrors up in Lubbock against Texas Tech.  Weird things have happened to the Sooners up there in the past, so be ready for anything.  Literally.

Saturday evening, tied-for-25th-ranked (USA) Nebraska hosts Kansas State in Lincoln.  Your guess as to if it’ll be the JekyllHuskers or the HydeHuskers – although HDD still prefers to call them the Children of the Corn™, which is scary enough right there.

Sunday at noon, the Dallas Cowgirls will welcome the Warshington Foreskins to the Death Star In Arlington™.

MERLIN:  You mean…


MERLIN:  Oh.  Um, right.

Warshington actually won  last week, and had to have watched tape on how Green Bay manhandled the ‘Girls.  Look for more of the same, unfortunately.

Unless it results in Coach Stay-Puf getting fired…in which case, GO SKINS!!!

We’re back Monday with the recap.  In the meantime, Bucky is a seven-point road favorite at N’western, so my question to the aforementioned HDD is:  Only  seven?


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