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Denizens, you’re well aware of my personal opinion of a certain doublewide redheaded bimboid about 120 miles east of here.

That said, I would still come to her defense were I to see her becoming a victim of this.  This is just…wrong.

It was tough being a red head recently for students at a middle school in Calabasas, Calif., where dozens of students attacked their red-headed classmates — apparently inspired by an episode of the television show “South Park,” and a Facebook group.

The attacks happened on “Kick a Ginger Day” at the school, apparently inspired by a “South Park” episode titled “Ginger Kids,” which used red-heads as a satire on racism. That apparently led to the Facebook group “Natioinal Kick A Ginger Day,” which includes message encouraging attacks on red heads.

And another thing:  If you haven’t recently, take another gander at that pic of my son down there on the sidebar.

See the hair?

I’d damn well best never see shit like this being done to my son.  Bastards who do that will be well  ventilated by the time all is said & done.


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