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Every year or so in the PFW, I usually declare one simply by executive fiat, even when all my teams don’t win.

Time to break out the rubber stamp.

Frisco Liberty 31, Saliva Sulphur Springs 33

at #4 Texas Christian 51, New Mexico 10

UBuffalo 9, Kent State 6

at Oklahoma 27, #12 Oklahoma State 0

#22 Nebraska 28, at Colorado 20

at Dallas 24, Oakland 7

In reading the writeup for Frisco Liberty-Backwoods Tech, it sounds very much like Round I of Cowboys-Giants Douchebags:  ‘Boys score late, Douchebags score later & win.

Guess it was a bit much asking a second-year program to knock off the Wildpussies.

(Memo to Sulphur Springs students:  This ain’t about you.  It’s about your backwoods town and a certain State Farm insurance “agent” and his bitch of a daughter who live just north of there.  Try not to take it too personally, mkay?)

In the Insomnia Field-Goal Bowl, UBeefalo prevailed, 3-2, with AJ Principe kicking the last one with five seconds left to ice it.

Believe it or not, the Bulls finished with 320 total yards offense.  Thermilus had another nice game, with 123 yards on 29 carries.  Zach Maynard was…meh. 13-32-181, with five of those going to Brett Hamlin and four going to Terrell Jackson.

UBuff finishes 5-7, 3-5 in the MAC, and it’s fairly safe to say Turner Gill will spend one more year there.

Earlier this week, there was speculation that TCU would be playing Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Uh, scratch that.

To give you an idea of how dominating the Sooners were in Norman, OSU got six first downs – all in the first half.  OU’s defense harassed Zac Robinson into a paltry 9-21-44, with a pick.

Landry Jones was a very workmanlike 20-37-224 in helping the Sooners to extend their home winning streak to 30 since TCU beat them there in ’05.  Ryan Broyles caught 9 for 103 yards and added a punt return for a score.  DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown combined for 130 yards on 33 carries.

Good thing for the Blackshirts and the Cornhusker special teams.  I’d probably be screaming about Bo Pelini’s offense again otherwise.

This is why Bo Pelini didn’t want his team even thinking about Texas until next week.

With the Big 12 North title already wrapped up, he forbade the Nebraska Cornhuskers from so much as mentioning the Longhorns, who they’ll face in the conference championship next Saturday.


“I thought we took a step back today,” Pelini said after the Cornhuskers (9-3, 6-2) struggled on offense and only pulled this one out because of touchdowns on a punt return and an interception.

Niles Paul had the punt return, going 59 yards in the first quarter.  Linebacker Matt O’Hanlon, who’s turning into a pretty good one up there, had the pick-six towards the end of the first half.

Once again Zac Lee overwhelmed no one, going 9-14-73 with a score (Ben Cotten), but Rex Burkhead performed admirably in the running game, gaining 100 yards and a touchdown on 18 carries.

Most teams have figured it out:  As goes Miles Austin, so go the Dallas Cowboys.  And most teams will run a zone with mid-to-deep safety help to try and neutralize the speedster, now that he’s established himself as the Pokes’ number-one wideout.

Oakland, however, isn’t most teams.  They will stubbornly go mano a mano  on your wideouts with their DBs, as if they still had Charles Woodson & company back there with Tatum & Atkinson.  And while the Raider defensive backfield isn’t  chopped liver, it isn’t going to stop a big, fast wide receiver who can catch the ball.

Austin caught seven Tony Romo passes for 145 yards, and Jason Witten added five catches for 107 as the Cowboys won their fourth straight Thanksgiving game under Romo.

Romo threw for 309 yards on 18-of-29 passing, and the C’boy offense racked up eight plays of at least 25 yards, with five of those going for over 40.  Felix Jones & Tashard Choice combined for 135 yards on the ground on 10 carries total (although Jones did most of the work – Choice’s run was a 66-yarder out of a Wildcat-type formation).

Dallas now faces yet another treacherous December, with two division leaders on the schedule, plus Round Two against each of their division rivals.

I won’t deny there were tears in my eyes as the clock wound down on this game.  I’ve lived through 81-16 against TU, 70-9 at the hands of Texas A&M, and even 70-35 at the hands of Guns-Up U five years ago.  (Damn, has it been that long?)

So to sit with the Blushing Bride™ and soak in the first perfect regular season in my lifetime, the first in 71 years for any Frog team and the first 12-0 start in school history – well, it was an emotional moment.

It didn’t start off that way, though.  Despite a second-quarter explosion that saw a 9-0 lead balloon to 30-0, it should have been a lot more.  Dalton was either missing receivers high, bouncing them in, or the receivers were just dropping the damned things.  In fact, it took an Andre Gurode-type snap over Donovan Porterie’s head deep in their own territory, and the subsequent punt of the ball through the end zone, to get TCU a safety and their first points of the day.

But in a span of about two-and-a-half minutes, the Frogs blew it open.

A Dalton 17-yard flip to Bart Johnson for his first score of the year made it 16-0.  One three-and-out and one Lobo facemask penalty later, Dalton found Antoine Hicks racing down the right seam, hitting him in stride for the 62-yard touchdown.

New Mexico fumbled the ensuing kickoff, which TCU recovered.  On the very next play, Andy found Hicks again on a post route, and though NM would score the next 10 to give Frog fans a bit of indigestion, it was over.  Daryl Washington & Rafael Priest would take pick-sixes to the house on consecutive Lobo possessions in the fourth for the final margin.

The Froggies now wait a week to find out where they go, and against whom.  And Gary Patterson has earned a promise from me never to accuse him of being in over his head ever again.

As for me, I’ve  earned (actually, appropriated) the right to declare a Perfect Football Weekend – I really don’t care that  much what happens to the Sulphur Springs “hah skrewl” team (a little Rush lingo, there), and all the rest of my teams won.

So, there.  Nyaah. 

This week:  5-1.  Perfect Football Weekend achieved (executive fiat due to TCU’s perfect season (3)).  Overall:  51-22.

The PFW will reconvene on Friday, as we continue to see if anyone can bounce Sulphur Springs from the playoffs.  Plus, the C’girls are still playing, so there’s that.

Besides, Bucky’s in Hawaii – and if anyone thinks I’m giving HDD the week off, yer nuts. 


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