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This is late primarily because I spent Thanksgiving week with children and grand children.

Fellow denizens and visitors, The first Thanksgiving celebration was held as a means of celebrating the fact that the Pilgrims had made it through their first year and could now feed themselves. I have no doubt that during that first year in the New World, the Plymouth settlers did much wrong, and probably would have had much to complain about. That has been the way of the world since Adam and Eve got drop-kicked out of the Garden.

Instead of complaining, on this one day, they took time out to celebrate the ways in which our Lord had blessed them. In many ways, we are in the same situation today.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


First things first (and no sound effects this time):  I’m on “vacation”.

For those of you who remember (and even for those of you who don’t), my last such extended period away from my primary means of income creation went something like this.

And – most unhappily – so will this one.

It’s a long story, and once All Is Said And Done™, I will have some sort of comment on it.  But for now, the Blushing Bride™ and I are going to be hard at work.

In other words…David, General – you guys have the conn.

(PFWs, of course, are not, and will not be, affected by this.  Priorities, y’know. (grin))

Secondly, you may have noticed that the starfield clock has been replaced.

Reason is that – and I have to confess to a slight bit of stupidity here – the site where the clock was housed appears to have gone belly-up, and I didn’t download the .swf file in time.

Oh, well.  Live ‘n learn, I guess.

Talk to you guys in roughly a week.


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