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Cthulu willing and the creek don’t rise (grin), a little more regular posting schedule should commence with the latest PFW recap tomorrow morning.

Thanks to General Rayegun and the Chaplain of the Realm™, Vicar Hartung (uh, Dave, how does  one address a Vicar?) for their yeoman’s work in keeping the cobwebs off the page.

Good work, guys.


Denizens, Realm™ Headquarters is about 98% complete, so the long-awaited PFW recap will be forthcoming shortly.  (Updated, of course, to cover the Cowgirlz three-game losing streak – or does anyone really  think they have a snowball’s chance against the Saints?)

I cross-posted this over here, but feel free to relax and enjoy it without all the bother of changing channels. 

Presenting the Mormon Silent Monk Tabernacle Choir:

Enjoy, guys.


In Luke, chapter 2 we have the account of Mary, the mother of our Lord, visiting her distant cousin Elizabeth, who is pregnant with the child who will become known as John the Baptist.

For those churches who follow the liturgical year, this lesson will be the Gospel reading this coming Sunday(the fourth Sunday of Advent). There will be many fine sermons preached on this text, and some will even take notice of something which is yet another indication that life begins in the womb, not after birth.

In verse 44, Elizabeth said that as soon as the baby she was carrying heard Mary’s greeting, he “jumped for joy”. If that child had been nothing more than a lump of tissue, he would not have reacted to Mary’s voice.

As we move forward in our Advent preparations, as we prepare to celebrate the earthly birth of the Savior of mankind, let us never forget that children are a gift from God. No matter how they are conceived, to kill a child in the womb is murder of the most heinous variety. Instead of aborting these precious gifts, we should at every opportunity, celebrate our children, and thank God that we have been blessed to have them.

May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Folks, I don’t even know for sure where to start with this one.

What am I talking about you ask?

Just as the title implies, the Al Capone Chicago mob style of thuggery displayed in the movie “The Untouchables” can now be seen in full 1080p HD color and 7.1 Dolby™ Surround Sound coming from you guessed it….1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., USA.

If bribing and all out coercement of Sen. Lieberman yesterday to secure his vote of approval on the Un-Health Care-less bill by having the thugs go after his WIFE wasn’t enough, now Al-Obmabi and Co. are using YOUR’S AND MY military as a political pawn thereby threatening true national security.

Seems that one Sen. Bob Nelson (D-NE) isn’t playing ball like the rest of the team. So just like Al Capone, the Slime House decided enough is enough and tossed out this “threat” today even though they are denying the reports.

Just the threat of putting a base like Offutt on the BRAC is enough for this General to call shenanigans. Yet, given the all to common penchant of the Demonscums whole-hearted distaste and disdain for anything military, such a threat coming from the Slime House is really not an utter surprise. If Al-Obambi was such a huge supporter of the military then why in SAM HELL did he take more than NINETY FARKING D—A—Y—S to make a decision to essentially laugh in Gen. McCrystal’s request for more troops in Afghanistan and only authorize just slightly more than HALF of the forces requested. Not to mention phasing in those troops over an extended period of time instead of an all-at-once deployment as McCrystal requested. And cutting the military budget is not just a “fashion statement” for Al-Obambi and Co., rather it’s a game plan opener to lead off the “social justice” playbook scripted plays.

I’m fairly sure Al Capone and every Chicago mobster, dead or alive, is smiling today. For their way of life is still alive and kicking even though it’s not residing on Michigan Avenue or Lakefront Drive, but rather Pennsylvania Avenue.

Impeachment is too easy of an out for this one…..the thin line of treason is about to be crossed by the Executive AND certain members of the Legislative branches.

Keep that in mind as the days wane on as more and more of the liberties and freedom of WE THE PEOPLE are striped from us. And not even during the light of day, nor honestly. But much like a thief, they’re being stolen in the dead, dark of night.

America, it’s time WE THE PEOPLE take back our country.

What choice are you going to make?


Whilst I continue to climb out from this mass of stuff I seem to have accumulated, put said stuff away, put up the tree (yeah, I’m only now putting up the tree.  Sucks to be me, huh?) and other assorted chores…

…here is something I swiped from the fine folks at Hot Air.

(Oh, and do go read the article, too.  The implosion of the Demoscummic Party continues apace, and it’s simply a joy to behold.    )


Stephanie Dawn Stewart – front & center.

I have ordered Skip’s Christmas present for this year.  It’s something I think he’ll like, and I can promise you it’s something you’d never think to get him.

Do us all a favor this year, and let him have this one, okay?



Last week it was Darth, this week it is me.

As of 3 Jaunuary, I will be the vicar at St Luke’s Lutheran Church in Starkville MS. This means that for the next two weeks I have to keep up my duties here, get packed, and move.

For those of you who are Football fans, Starkville is the Home of Mississippi State University. State’s instate rival is Ole Miss. So, the new preacher is moving into Mississippi State’s back yard, and he is married to an Ole Miss fan. Think life is going to be interesting? :)


Rivals.com is reporting that Turner Gill is leaving UBuffalo for the Kansas Jayhawks.

This, in turn, means that we say sayonara to the Bulls for the 2010 PFW.

Turner, your next step is to see if Bo & Carl have another Pelini brother…


Denizens, your homework assignment for this weekend is to go read this.

A conservative manifesto for the coming unpleasantries.


Denizens, I’m back online, but I’m still climbing out from underneath stuff.

Ergo, posts will be a mite delayed – including the PFW recap and this week’s edition (there are only two teams in it this week anyway, and one of those isn’t even a regular).

Rants will begin again shortly.  Hang tight.


This has the potential to be very interesting:

There seem to be two major aspects to this case, the first is that the Federal Government may not have had the authority to do what they did in the GM and Chrysler bailouts. The other is that since Obama’s father never became a US citizen, he does not meet the Constitutional definition of a natural born citizen, and is therefore not eligible to serve as President. If he is ineligible to be president, any legislation he signed is null and void.

Personally I believe the challenges to Obama’s constitutional qualifications to be without merit. The challenge to the bailouts, on the other hand, will have legs. While we won’t know how the courts will rule, and the final ruling is likely years away, I have always believed the bailouts of GM and Chrysler to be unconstitutional.


If this is allowed to stand, it is time to throw out every last member of Congress as well as the bozo in the White House and his idiotic side kick! (No insult to Bozo intended)

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in a written statement that the finding, which declares carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases a threat to public health, marks the start of a U.S. campaign to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

No Miss Jackson, what is shows is that you and your Ideologue boss have take leave of what little sense you had. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas, and one which is absolutely necessary if life is to continue.

“These long-overdue findings cement 2009′s place in history as the year when the United States Government began addressing the challenge of greenhouse-gas pollution and seizing the opportunity of clean-energy reform,” she said.

What these “findings” show, is that the Obama mis-administration wishes to destroy the United States!

Folks, never before have I said this, but I truly fear for the future of this nation. The Democrats seem to want to turn us into a has-been socialist “heaven”, and the Republicans haven’t the backbone to stop them.

Time to elect some new blood, and the sooner the better!


I know all of you are patently aware of what today is. You also know it was Mitsuo Fuchida who took off from the aircraft carrier Akagi that lead the Japanese forces on that surprise attack.

But did you know this?

Neither did I, until this morning.

To all those who gave their lives on December 7, 1941, and to those that survived the day yet have since gone on to see the Lord….we thank you for your service. For the families that still remember each year on this day what happened, please remember that God’s grace surpasses all understanding and take comfort in that fact.



Denizens, it’s Moving Day™ here at Realm™ headquarters.  I’m taking the Big Box™ down and won’t be back up until Thursday (thanks for damned near nothing, AT&T U-verse – and, fuck you with a spiked bat full of rusty nails, Time Warner Cable).

I will attempt to post the PFW recap tomorrow from my laptop, but no guarantees.  Probably a good thing if not – anyone who reads it is going to need asbestos skivvies.

David, General, it’s all yours.

See you Thursday.


I should have said that the total human influence on “global warming” is less than three tenths of one percent, not three one hundredths. My apologies.

For a number of years we have been told that the Earth’s climate is warming to catastrophic levels, and that it is mankind’s fault. The combination of the recent hacking of the East Anglia university’s mail server and the upcoming climate summit have once again brought this to the headlines.

Despite the constant claims of the Global warming crowd, there seems to be more and more indication that the world is not getting dangerously warm, and that if it is, it is not being caused by mankind.

This site points out that the total human caused, or anthropogenic, influence on “global warming” is less than three one hundredths of one percent. Folks, at such low levels, how on earth can any rational individual possibly believe that the warming trends of the past thirty or so years have their roots in human technology?


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