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Denizens, as we enter into a substantially slimmed-down version of the Perfect Football Weekend, I’m going to show you guys something I found over at Ace’s.

The thing is, this is so odd, I think we can take this out of the category of “doesn’t know the snap-count” and safely put it in the category of “is suffering from delirium due to concussion or heat stroke.”

Here, watch for yourself:

Actually, it rather reminds me of former major-league pitcher Roger Moret and the infamous “catatonic trance” in which they found him in the clubhouse one day.

Pitcher Roger Moret didn’t accomplish much on the field; but he will forever be remembered for a pre-game scene in 1978 when teammates found Moret standing in a catatonic trance next to his locker, holding a shower shoe.

On to the PFW.  This week’s candidate in our game of Kick Sulphur Springs’ Ass Outta The Playoffs™ is…Denison High (12-1)

As Her Doublewideness told me many times over the course of our marriage, there is no love lost between Sulphur Springs & Denison High, so I expect this one to be somewhat of a bloodbath.  With Sulphur shedding more of the blood.

MERLIN:  !!!!!

VENOMOUS:  Figuratively speaking, Wizard.


Saturday, we have two games to cover.  The first is that evening here a couple blocks down the road from me, as the Big Three & The Little Nine XII (sorry for the Bidenization, HDD) Championship Game will pit Bo Pelini’s Nebraska Cornhuskers against Texas’ Third Pro Team™, the TU Shortdicks Longhorns.

(And I will say again – You bring in Mackie Brown, who didn’t win shit  at North Carolina, down to a TU program that was spinning its wheels under Fred Akers, and suddenly they’re world beaters?  Something ain’t kosher in Austin.)

TU is favored by 14, but Nebraska’s defense is playing well, and the first time these two played in this game, TU stole one from upset a heavily-favored Nebraska unit.  So, we’ll see.

And for this week (and possibly as an audition for 2010, depending on whether Turner Gill can put a defense on UBuffalo’s field next year or not), we elevate Bucky from “meanwhile” status to a featured team in the PFW.

They’re in Hawai’i this week to play the Rainbow Warriors, who are still shooting to host their former coach June Jones and SMUT in their backyard bowl game; a win over Bucky will seal it.

Bucky, however, isn’t planning on cooperating; Vegas has made them a 12-point road favorite.  Put the over/under for trick plays by Hawai’i at three.

Sunday afternoon, the first of the NFC East return matches is set to go in Noo Joisey, where the Dallas C’girls square off against the New York Football Douchebags.  Fortunes have reversed since the D-bags pulled out a last-second upset against Dallas in Week 1; they’ve lost five of their last six to fall two games behind in the division.  Expect a close game; a field goal might win this one, as well.

We’re back Monday (hopefully) for the recap, by which time we’ll know where TCU will be playing its BCS bowl (and damn, but it still feels good to type that.    )


Yeah, I’m still up.  Don’t ask why – I’m not sure I  know.

So here are the folks at Hot Air, and it looks like they’re pooh-poohing Der Sarahcuda for asking the same question that a helluva lot of us have been asking:  where’s the birth certificate?

(Side note:  Allahpundit and Antagonist?  Just between the three of us – fuck you pussified little needle-dicked douchebags.  Either one of you wanna call me an “embarrassment” to my face, let’s see you do it and see what it gets you.  Asswipes.)

Anyway, for months now on this issue, I’ve been hearing shit like “the issue is settled, the debate’s over”.

Yeah?  The issue of “global warming” was supposedly “settled” and that  debate was supposedly “over”, too.  How’d that work out?

(Incidentally, stay tuned – this won’t be the only time I mention East Anglia.  I’m about to rub a certain religious denomination’s – and a certain pastor’s – face in it.  Hard.)

Seriously.  Bambi has spent millions  in attorney’s fees suppressing something, the producing of which would not only humiliate the so-called “Birther” movement, but also encourage a severely lagging (right now, anyway) Demoscum party and  probably jack up his sagging poll numbers, all in one fell swoop.

Yet he won’t produce it.  Why?


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