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If Bambi wants to house the Gitmo prisoners anywhere, AFAIC, he can fucking house them in Idaho.




Free to roam.

Especially around Boise.&#160 Or perhaps in the neighborhoods of that half-assed excuse-for-a-zebra-crew.

Then – if anything were to happen around there – I’d be inclined to forgive it.

Fuck ’em all.


The most satisfying thing about the last weekend in the NFL regular season was not the C’boys win over the Beagles – though that certainly is very satisfying.&#160 Nor was it the fact that they shut Pussydelphia’s skanky asses out – though that does rank right up there.&#160 Nor was it the ‘Boys winning the NFC East – though that’s certainly worthy.

And it wasn’t the fact that the New York Football Douchebags – Widdle Bwandi Jackoff, E-Puss (Wo)Manning, Justa Fuck and the rest of those pansies won’t be making the playoffs, and in fact got knocked out last week by virtue of Dallas beating Washington.&#160 Nor is it that they got their&#160 asses waxed by Brett Favre & the Minne-haha ViQueens yesterday, 44-7.

And it’s not even the fact that the Pittsburgh Tinners and their Aluminum Curtain defense won’t be in the playoffs, one year after being handed the Super Bowl (no, you still can’t convince me that Santonio Holmes had both feet in).

No, the most satisfying thing about this weekend is that the supposedly Greatest Team Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever, EVAH!!!!&#153, the Denver Glue-Factory Nags, won’t make the playoffs at 8-8 after getting home cooking against the aforementioned Cowboys, starting the season 6-0 and being anointed as the Saviors Of The NFL&#153, the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread&#153 and having Widdle Joshie McDipwad crowned as Coach Of Eternity, AYYYY-MAYYYYYY-UNNN-UHHHH!!!!!!1!!ONE!!1

That…was schweet.&#160


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