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Coach Stay-Puf Wade Phillips and the Cowboys finally – finallygot off the schneid.

Dallas 34, Beagles 14.&#160 The torch – for now, anyway – has passed.&#160 The Cowboys are now officially, provably, better than Philthydelphia.

Good work, Wade.

Now, whaddya got for an encore?&#160


Below is a letter I received that has been circulating through the Blogosphere apparently.  We all remember when Sen. Babelling Boxer-butt (Demonswine – CA) thought it would be cute to admonish Brigadier General Walsh during a hearing on Jun 18, 2009 for calling her “ma’am” instead of “Senator” (cough, cough, gag, gag).

Well, a reply to that incident from a National Guard avaitor and Captain for Alaska Airlines named Jim Hill is  seen after the break.

This letter is from a National Guard aviator and Captain for Alaska Airlines named Jim Hill.. I wonder what he would have said if he were really angry… Long live Alaska !!!!!


You were so right on when you scolded the general on TV for using the term, “ma’am,” instead of “Senator”. After all, in the military, “ma’am” is a term of respect when addressing a female of superior rank or position. The general was totally wrong. You are not a female of superior rank or position. You are a member of one of the world’s most corrupt organizations, the U.S. Senate, equaled only by the corruption of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congress is a cesspool of liars, thieves, inside traders, traitors, drunkards (one of whom even killed a staffer, yet is still revered), criminals, and other low-level swine who, as individuals (not all, but many), will do anything to enhance their lives, fortunes and power, all at the expense of the People of the United States and its Constitution, (in order for you to be continually re-elected). Many democrats even want American troops killed by releasing photographs that will ultimately end-up in the hands of our enemies. How many congressional representatives could honestly say: “We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” the way our founders did? None? One? Maybe two of you?

Your reaction to the general shows several things. First is your abysmal ignorance of all things military. Your treatment of the general shows you to be an elitist of the worst kind. When the general entered the military (as most of us who served did) he wrote the government a blank check, offering his life to protect your derriere (ass), now safely and comfortably ensconced in a 20 thousand dollar leather chair, paid for by the general’s taxes. You repaid him for this by humiliating him nationally in front of millions. (You now owe him an apology you will never adequately be capable of expressing).

Second is your puerile character, lack of sophistication, and arrogance, which borders on the hubristic. This display of bratty behavior shows you to be a virago, termagant, harridan, nag, scold and shrew, unfit for your position, despite the support of the “great unwashed”, uneducated masses who have made California into the laughing stock of this nation by electing people like you.

What I am writing about are the same thoughts countless millions of Americans have toward Congress, but they lack the energy, ability or time to convey them. Regardless of this fact, most realize that politicians are pretty much the same and they still vote for the ones who will bring home the most bacon, even after considering how corrupt that person is. Lord Acton (1834 – 1902) so aptly charged, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Unbeknownst to you and your colleagues, “Mr. Power” has had his way with all of you, and as a result, we are all the worse for it.

Finally Senator, I too, have a title. It is “Right Wing Extremist -Terrorist Threat.” This title is not of my own choosing, but was thrust upon me in the media by your Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano… And you were offended by “ma’am”?!

Have a fine day. Cheers!

Jim Hill

Don’t mess with my military you pigs inside the Beltway.  We take our oath to protect WE THE PEOPLE from “all enemies foreign and domestic” SERIOUSLY!!


For every moment of pleasure…

Dallas 17, at Warshington 0

#22 Wisconsin 20, #14 Miami 14

#19 Nebraska 33, #20 Arizona 0

Oklahoma 31, #19 Stanford 27

at Dallas 24, Philthydelphia 0

I’m leaving one score off today’s recap, because it’s getting a post all its own tomorrow – and I don’t want my winners here to have to don their asbestos undies.

But I do have one bonus score (and yes, it’ll count):

Alabama 37, TU Shrimpdicks 21

Dallas is peaking at the right time for once, or so it seems.&#160 They caught a Warshington Deadskin team as flat as Rachel Corrie, threw them down, stepped on their throats and then held them there.

Romo was 25-38-286 with a pick that really wasn’t his fault (it clanged off Roy Williams’ hands, as usual).&#160 Jason Witten had a career day, catching six for 117, and the Felix Jones/Marion Barber combo rushed for 121 yards as the C’boys followed up the New Orleans win with a workmanlike effort.

The defense shut down a Deadskin unit that had all but quit on coach Jim Zorn – although injuries did play a major part, the Skins not having either Clinton Portis or Ladell Betts to run the ball, making Warshington about as one-dimensional as it gets.&#160 Zorn would eventually be fired at season’s end.

Revenge Week&#169 followed the Skins game, with Dallas doing to Phucky what Phucky had done to them 12 months ago.&#160 Romo torched the Beagles for 311 yards on 24-34; Jones & Barber added bookend 91-yard rushing days, and Patrick Crayton & Miles Austin each had 90-yard-plus receiving days (Crayton had 4 grabs for 99 yards and a score).

TWGQBEITHOE,E™, Donna McCrabbs, was sacked four times by the C’boys and fumbled twice, losing one that would eventually lead to a Dallas field goal.

For their trouble, the Beagles get to come right back here to The Stadium Just Down The Road From Me&#153 and do it all over again for the playoffs.&#160 That one’s tonight.

In the comments section of the preview, HDD was heard to say:

Jacory Harris is going to get hit like he’s never been hit before. Miami’s receivers are going to feel like they’re getting jammed at the line by semis. Their running backs are going to feel like they’re being tackled by dump trucks.

So, really, the question isn’t “How can the Badgers keep up with the speed of Miami?” (few teams are outright faster than the Badgers), it’s “How is Miami going to handle getting hit like they’ve never been hit before?”.

From the DevilDog’s mouth to God’s ears.

Bucky’s defense pounded the Hurricanes into submission and John Clay pounded for 121 yards of his own as the Badgers dominated.

Scott Tolzien threw for 260 yards, and Montee Ball added 61 yards rushing for a Wisconsin team touted as too big and too slow for the dynamic Hurricanes. None of that seemed to matter when the Badgers were powering the ball down the field.

Speaking of the preview, I guess I could consider what I said here a WITY&#153.

Vegas considers it a tossup, but I think it’ll come down to whether or not Arizona’s line can hold Ndomukong Suh long enough to let their quarterback throw.


Arizona QB Nick Foles’ third pass was intercepted by Matt O’Hanlon and returned to the Wildcat five, Zac Lee bootlegged around the right side from there, and that’s all the Huskers would need.

Arizona set Holiday Bowl records for futility, with six first downs, 109 yards of offense, 51 offensive plays and nine punts. The Wildcats didn’t get into Nebraska territory until the first drive of the third quarter.

Now – this game notwithstanding – all they need is an offense.

Memo to rest of the Big XII:&#160 You’ve got at least two more years of this.&#160 Uh-oh.

Landry Jones went 30 of 51 for 418 yards and three touchdowns, all to Ryan Broyles, as Oklahoma overcame a 24-17 halftime deficit to hold off the Cardinal.&#160 The Sooners gave Heisman candidate Toby Gerhart his 135 yards (32 carries) and two touchdowns, and focused on shutting down everyone else.

All they need next year is an offensive line and a running game.

As I noted to Widdle Mackie Brown the other night – it’s not quite as easy, even for Texas Third Pro Team&#153, when it’s your&#160 quarterback that’s getting knocked out of the game with a shoulder injury.

[Alabama coach] Saban’s defense changed the tenor of the title game suddenly and startlingly when Marcell Dareus hit [TU quarterback Colt] McCoy, injuring the quarterback’s shoulder and knocking him out on Texas’ fifth offensive play.

“I just heard a thump when I hit him,” Dareus said. “I did lay it down pretty hard. I didn’t try to, but it felt great.”

McCoy was knocked out of the game with what’s probably a pinched nerve, and Bama survived two touchdown catches from second-year pro* Jordan Shipley and two poorly-covered onside kicks to pull away late.

UPDATE:&#160 Chalk up another WITY&#153 for His Rudeness:

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy suffered a pinched nerve in his right shoulder and could not have returned to play effectively in the Citi BCS National Championship Game.

McCoy offered the doctors’ diagnosis after the game. Texas football spokesman John Bianco confirmed it Friday morning as the Longhorns were preparing to leave Southern California after a 37-21 loss to Alabama.

The injury occurred when McCoy was hit by Alabama defensive end Marcell Dareus on a run attempt. He left after five snaps, never to return. He said his arm was dead, pain-free but with no strength.

“As far as the doctors have told me, this is a freak accident,” McCoy said. “It’s a pinched nerve. It takes days for it to recover and get healthy again. I just couldn’t throw the ball. If I was playing receiver or playing safety, I would have been playing.

“It wasn’t a question of toughness and pain in this whole deal. It was just a matter of I couldn’t do it.”

Told you.

Heisman winner Mark Ingram gashed the Shortdick defense for 116 yards and two touchdowns, and backup Trent Richardson added 109 yards and a couple of his own scores, as Alabama shut up all the T-sip pussies who were bleating about how good they supposedly were.

TOMORROW:&#160 Not good enough to win straight-up…

* Yeah, I said “second-year pro”.&#160 The snot-nosed little weasel has been at TU for six fucking years, bah Gawd (a little Jim Ross lingo, there).&#160 I don’t effin’ care what his excuse was – no college player should ever get any more than five years of eligibility, period.

I note that those were his only two bowl-game catches of his career.&#160 What, was the weenie gonna apply for another medical redshirt had Bama shut him out?



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