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Fox News Channel (Bret Baier) has just reported that the Asphyxiated Piss AP has just called the Massachusetts special election for US Senator for Republican Scott Brown.


UPDATE:&#160 Yahoo! News confirms.&#160 BWAHHHHHHH…~!!!!1!!ONE!1!


Many years ago, an young man was having a great deal of trouble keeping himself and his family afloat financially. It seemed that he simply was unable to make enough to support his family, and was always going to friends and family asking for help. It was not until his friends and family got tired of always bailing him out, and simply cut him off, that the young man began to actually take care of business.

Folks, I was that young man, and I still am not the world’s best in the realm of money management. I have however learned that one must spend no more than one makes. I also learned that often generosity can hurt more than it helps.

All this came to mind last evening when I read this piece by Vox Day.

Once again the USA is demonstrating that we are the most generous of nations, but are we truly helping the people of Haiti, or are we simply enabling them to remain a charity case.

I do not have the answer to this thorny question, I simply throw it out for folks to consider.


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