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This guy has an idea that has been floated several times over the years. Only those who actually fund the government have any moral claim on the right to vote, while allowing those who are net recipients of government money to vote is a proven recipe for disaster.

The problem with this idea in our nation today is one of practicality. There is no way we will ever again be able to limit the vote to the net taxpayers, using peaceful means. The rabble and their self serving leaders would not stand for it.

This leaves only revolution, and revolutions do not have a record of putting rational, believers in limited government into power. Most often after a revolution, what you have is some blood thirsty tin pot despot in charge. Not the sort of environment to foster liberty.

In other words, the cure might well be worse than the disease.

The answer? Unfortunately, I don’t believe there to be one in the secular world. Ultimately the answer is to return to the foot of the cross, to repent, and to place our faith in him who gave his life for our sins, that we might have eternal life.

Faith in our Lord will not solve the problems with the world, it will not straighten out the lunkhead in the White House. Christian faith will not even guarantee you a nice pleasant earthly life. What it will do is to give you the strength to deal with whatever the world will throw your way, and it will give you the assurance of eternal life with Him.


Yeah, the temptation after you read this will be to call me a misogynistic troglodyte of a femiphobe.&#160 Or something.

Be my guest.&#160 See if I give a shit.

But this right here is People’s Exhibit Numero Uno&#153 (a little Spanish lingo, there) of why we’d have been a helluva lot better off had women never been given the vote.

A female Democratic lawmaker in footage released Sunday said Congress could pass healthcare if female lawmakers “sent the men home.”

Yeah?&#160 Well, we could balance the frickin’ budget&#160 – if we sent the bimbos&#160 home.&#160 How about that?

(We could also win the war in both&#160 theatres if we could just send the pussified Donks home – but that’s another post.)

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.) said that both Republican and Democratic women members of Congress understand how to care for relatives and thus want the healthcare system to change.

“We go to the ladies room and the Republican women and the Democratic women and we just roll our eyes,” she said. “And the Republican women said when we were fighting over the healthcare bill, if we sent the men home…” at which point she was interrupted by loud applause.

I call bullshit here.&#160 I’m willing to wager here that it wasn’t applause – it was that fucking annoying “Awwwk, Awwwk!!!” crap we get outta this landfill of a TV talk show.

The IQ level sounds just about right.

“You know why? I’m not trying to diss the men

The fuck&#160 you’re not, trollop.

but I’m telling you it’s the truth that every single woman there has been responsible for taking care of a [relatives] and so we think we can find a common ground there,” she said.

Yeah, well, lemme tell you&#160 something, you stupid bint.&#160 The Sibling Unit&#153 and I took care of our Dear Sainted Grandmother&#153 for a helluva&#160 long time without any fucking female&#160 help, knowwhutAhmeanVern?&#160 Not a one of you pissweaselettes ever so much as asked&#160 if you could lift a finger to help, so don’t even&#160 give me this “responsible for taking care of [relatives]” shit.&#160 You can take that&#160 little bit o’ queef and shove it back where it came from, cap&#237ce???

The New Hampshire lawmaker’s comments come as Democratic leaders are debating alternative ways to pass the healthcare overhaul. Republican Scott Brown’s victory in the Massachusetts Senate primary has stalled the debate.

Awwwwwwwwww, did’ums we deny oo another widdle member for your widdle Nor’eastern quilting bee?&#160 Awwwwwwwwww.&#160 Po’ widdle buttercup.

Po’ widdle stupid cunt&#160 of a buttercup, that is.&#160


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