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Defying the odds – not to mention a host of so-called “conservative” bloggers such as Ace, Allahpundit, et. al. – Christine O’Donnell has beaten the shit out of RINO Widdle Mikey Castle in the Delaware GOP US Senate primary.

And people like Karl “The Ex-Architect” Rove…are steaming.

Twitter is going wild over Karl Rove’s running down of Christine O’Donnell on Fox tonight. Here’s is Rove’s Twitter page. Send him a message. I sent him a message and you should, too.

@KarlRove What is your problem?? Haven’t you done enough damage you pompous ass??

Lest anyone begin fawning and screaming hosannas over Rovie…let me remind you that he gave us two terms of Shrubya – which, while not as catastrophic as what’s followed, still didn’t help us any.

So we’re “pompous ass[es]” for wanting a true conservative to win a US Senate seat, as opposed to a pro-cap-and-tax, pro-abortion, pro-shamnesty, pro-Bambicare RINO libtard?

Lookit.&#160 The Tea Party vote boosted Scott Brown into the Senate from Massa-chews-shits, right?&#160 Brown campaigned on a platform of how he was going to be the so-called “41st vote against Obamacare”.&#160 Remember that, Denizens?

So how’d that work out for us?

Bambi, Dingy Harry and Pig-lousy managed to shove BambiCare down our throats anyway.&#160 And has Scott Brown vote with conservatives on anything since???&#160 (That’s not rhetorical.&#160 I’m serious, people.&#160 As far as I know, he’s voted with the Donktards on damned near everything else.)

And now Rove gets a little pissy over the fact that we declined to send his (I guess) hand-picked minion to the Senate to help the Donks try & make us bend over and grab the ankles?&#160 And not only there – now we come to find out that the National Republican Senaorial Committee, led by my half-assed excuse-for-a-Senatecritter, John-boy “Cor-Whore” Cornyn, won’t give O’Donnell any financial support.

Fuck off, Rove, you not-so-magnificent bastard.&#160 Fuck you, Cor-Whore.&#160 And especially fuck you, NRSC.

This is why I don’t give my money to the national GOP.&#160 This is why I won’t&#160 give my money to the national GOP.

Fuck all&#160 of ’em, the and.

UPDATE:&#160 Hot Air is reporting that the conservative base has told the NRSC, in so many words, “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” – and the NRSC has backed down and will now fully fund O’Donnell.

That’s better.

You NRSCers still aren’t what I’d call trustworthy – but that’s better.

(Hat tip Michelle Malkin.)


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